Catholic View on the Nephilim


I was reading some Information on the Ethopian Orthodox Church and I came across a reference to the " Book of Enoch" which is considered biblical canon to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

in the Book of Enoch it makes reference to a group of fallen angels known as the "the Nephilim"
I was wondering if somone could tell me what the Catholic View on the Book of Enoch is? and on the Nephilim, if any?


I’ve never heard of that the Ethopian Orthodox Church church considers the book of Enoch cannon. Is that true?

And FYI, the Nephilim are also mentioned in Genesis as well.



this is very interesting, but what is the opinion of the Church? Obviously it is not considered canon, but is it useful or acceptable? Is it trustworthy?


The Encyclopedia bears the imprimatur of the Most Reverend Archbishop under whose jurisdiction it is published.


Enoch is mentioned in Genesis as being assumed into heaven and the Letter of Jude mentions Enoch. According to some sources, at one time, Enoch was in the canon of scripture. Reliability… I don’t know, it has good theology in it and as I said Jude mentions Enoch.

According to Genesis and Enoch the world is destroyed by flood because the Sons of God, (Angels presumedly) have had sexual relations with mortal women and gave birth to the Nephilim. This is considered to be the sin that causes Satan and his cohorts to be cast out of Heaven. Note that this occurs later in Genesis, after the fall of man. So, that calls into question, who was the snake? How could he be Satan if he hasn’t been cast out of Heaven yet? The answer is, don’t take this literally, the fall of man shows that man thumbed his nose at God and thus death is introduced into the world.

As a side bar, my favorite quote from Enoch is when God gives to the Archangel Gabriel the order to advance against Satan, (Semjaza, the angel who is considered a member of the Angelic Choir of Powers and not an Archangel).

~And to Gabriel said the Lord: “Proceed against the bastards and reprobates…~” :thumbsup: :eek:
Enoch 10:9


not the Encyclopedia! LOL
did you read what the Encyclopedia said? It is reviewing the Book of Enoch—that is all—so is the Book of Enoch acceptable or not? Is it considered true and correct? The Encyclopedia gives no opinion.


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