Catholic view regarding Burka Ban (news article)?

This news article is suggesting that politician Jacqui Lambie is wanting to table a Burka ban in public places in Australia

Burka refers to full face covering garment.

What is the Catholic view regarding this?

On one hand,i would think that limiting someones religious expression/choices/freedoms is wrong.
At the same time,I accept that security is a concern to some people’s minds.

I also wonder if such an extreme interpretation of a religion (to the point of fully covering a face) could be perhaps antisocial in a sense?

I hope this doesn’t offend anyone,I’m just trying to understand!


Did you see Q & A

No,I didn’t get a chance :frowning:
Would you know if there will be a repeat of the show?

Its on again now. Jackie got a massive serve from Yasmin–in-fiery-qanda-debate/8267212

Getting back to the topic raised in the OP’s question, for security purposes I support the right of local or national jurisdictions to ban face coverings in public. This would include the burqa and the niqab, as well as the “bandanna mask” worn by protesters and rioters. Exceptions could be made for events like Hallowe’en and Mardi Gras.

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