Catholic views on astral projection

I am seeking God through both prayer and meditaion and was wondering how the Catholic religion views astral projection as a media for both soul searching and concious contact with God. I do not want to take part in this activity if it is deamed unsafe or taboo. Please let me know if you have any answers concerning this practice
Thank you and God Bless

This is a dangerous occult practice that has nothing to do with Christianity. To engage in it is a grave sin against the First Commandment, and may open doors to demonic harassment.

Seconded what Becky said - stay away completely from any New Age ‘spirituality’. I made that mistake long ago and have suffered a lot for it.

Please stay away from these occult practices.

In true Christian spirituality, God grants mystical experiences as gifts to people of His own choosing. Many saints had them, but many did not. That does not make them “lesser” saints or less spiritual.

Seek God through the Church and its Sacraments, especially, the most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, the Eucharist. If you feel “dry” in your spiritual life, accept that and offer it as a gift to the Almighty, knowing that He loves you dearly and knows your heart and your soul.

Allow God to work in your soul as He wishes, and if you feel the need for formal direction, look into finding a good spiritual director.

For what it is worth, this is my advice to you.

I would strongly advise you to not do this occult practice. Astral projection opens you wide to the influence of any passing demon. This is a very strong temptation with severe consequences for a soul. Please do not attempt it! This practice will immediately affect your ability to discern and your judgement. You are walking on the razor’s edge if you are contemplating this activity. Astral projection is a lie from top to bottom.
Peace, Tom

I initially thought you were asking about bilocation which is a gift that some saints have had (like Padre Pio).

When it comes to “astral projections” I agree with everyone else, DON’T DO IT. You’ll be opening up yourself to demons and possibly even possession and nobody wants that to happen.

But you want to contact God? That’s what prayer is for. :slight_smile:

You want to be with Him in person? That’s also available to EVERYONE. How? Just go to a local Church for Eucharistic adoration and talk directly to Jesus who is present! If your local Church has a red candle/light near the tabernacle, that means that He is present in there too, even if you can’t see.

Talk to Him, let Him guide you and stay away from these dangerous things. Perhaps this feeling you have is the calling to visit Him in adoration. So go! :smiley:

Joe… I agree with the others; don’t mess with “astral projection” :nope:

If it is conscious contact with God that you’re seeking… I have two words for you: Eucharistic Adoration. :gopray:

God bless you.


Excellent advice.

I Can Only Imagine - Catholic Version

I agree with the others here–you will be opening your soul to the forces of darkness. The Catholic Church teaches that such involvement with the occult is a mortal sin.

The possibility for a soul (Purusha) to leave one’s body after sustainable spiritual training was, according to some authors, result of liquidation of obstacles which are made by the body in classical Raja Yoga. Some authors viewed it as the sign of soul’s liberty and progress in Yoga. In more contemporary Integral Yoga there quick exercises to get astral projection state may be suspected to be dangerous because of a possible attack of spiritual entities. On the other side Astral projection exercises express the originality of Western natural spirituality approach. However, the questions concerning out-of-body experiencess remain open. Also it in many ways depends on reason for minimizing of dependence a consciousness on the body. Are they performed because of simple interest or with respective of the vision of the body as some source of physical suffering? Though the latter is in many ways the result of interaction between the soul and the body. Though according Catholic Theology, physical sufferings are the results of original sin, still, for example, there is a place in the brain responsible for physical pain sensitivity.

The soul only leaves the body at death and not at any other time.

CCC 1016 By death the soul is separated from the body, but in the resurrection God will give incorruptible life to our body, transformed by reunion with our soul. Just as Christ is risen and lives for ever, so all of us will rise at the last day.

So, the astral body means not the same as a soul. According to some authors it may be altered consciousness or something other. It may be person’s “ego” clearly imagined in the dreams. For example, before a dream person may train himself or herself to wake up earlier or to realize about something in the morning. Also, it may be the result of special influence on definite parts of the brain. But still, there is some kind of confrontation between body and “ego” which can usually be seen in immaterial principle of a will and in searching for unusual psychic possibilities.

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