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I’ve often found myself coming back to this question about evolution.
I sway back and forth between not believing in (human) evolution, believing that God created humans in a moment, and not over a long time evolving from apes, to believing that it is possible and that if it did happen God willed it and therefore it’s compatible with Christianity.

At the moment I just cannot believe in human evolution, and I want some good Catholic resources that I can study on this topic.
I have read many of the shorter online essays on the issues but they haven’t really fulfilled me.
I wonder are there any good Catholic or even Christian books looking at this? I don’t mean just the science of it, but looking at it from a Christian point of view?


I like what Peter Kreeft of Boston College has to say about evolution, which he touches on in the Handbook of Christian Apologetics, and most likely elsewhere too (I can’t remember where).

Why not just be open to the possibility? Even if you hold to the theory of evolution, Catholic teaching ( someone correct me if I’m wrong) requires that there still must be a definitive point in time when the creature stopped being an ape and became human - a first soul, and hence an Adam and Eve, and God is the Creator no matter how it came about.

The new expanded third edition of the book *[FONT=Arial]Origin of the Human Species *by Catholic author Dr. Dennis Bonnette includes the article “The Myth of the “Myth” of Adam and Eve” as Appendix One. Appendix Two is “The Philosophical Impossibility of Darwinian Naturalistic Evolution” [/FONT]


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