Catholic views on the Elder Scrolls Series

I really enjoy playing the Elder Scrolls games but I’m not sure if its a sin because the use of magic, Harry Potter had magic in it and there was a lot of debate on that, so is it a sin to play the Elder Scrolls games, because I want to know before I get the one coming out in November.

As with Harry Potter, magic in games is fiction and is no more “magic” than sleight-o-hand card tricks are “magic”.

Always keep this formula in mind:

Fantasy Magic =/= Real Magic(k?)

Thank You ill keep that in mind, now i don’t feel guilty every time i play it, thanks

It’s boring and monotonous. Play Fallout New Vegas instead.

the magic in elder scrolls games is nothing more than a blast of colored light coming from your hand to heal yourself or harm an enemy, this is pure fantasy and no actually sorcery involved.

Agreed with a warning about the hellish ammount of bugs and glitches in Fallout:New Vegas. It’s far better written in many ways than Oblivion but the game is still very buggy. Far less so than when it was realised but still bad.

Also bear in mind, you can assuage your guilt by playing a character that has a tonsure and monk’s robes and kill daemons in a place obviously based on Hell.

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