Catholic voter guide for 2020 primaries

Hello. May I please get a copy of a voter guide for the California 2020 primary in San Mateo County (district 13)? Anyone else seeking a voter guide for their region may request one here.

I want to vote for Tulsi Gabbard because I’m not registered as Republican, and she says she wants abortions to be rare. But I don’t know what the church teaches, if I should even vote for a non-winning candidate. Or maybe I should vote independent or libertarian, as I have no party preference and can do so. Please assist me with potential candidates I can vote for, and measures I should support.

By the way, I figure I should unload my political ideals. I believe the ideal political philosophy to support would be counter-enlightenment philosophy. If there was a counter enlightenment party, I would support candidates in that party. The best politician to mimick would be the seminarian prime minister Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, who dropped out of seminary to pursue politics in Portugal. He industrialized Portugal and brought it into a post modern autocracy with an emphasis on Catholic teachings, and the pope praised the government as good. The only thing better would be the pontificate of the holy see. What ended up happening in Portugal is that the leader tried his hardest to emulate Christ as the leader of the nation, but he died and then the country liberalized. I’m wondering if creating a virtual AI assistant of Jesus Christ in Temple OS or a more thoroughly tested OS to help manage the nation would be in order. The AI would never die and can be an empowerer of Catholic ideals, so long as a computer can represent Christ.

Well, there’s no “official” Catholic guide to the candidates–and I’m not sure there’s any unofficial ones either. The best I could find is this:

However, the only Democrats it evaluates are Biden, Sanders, and Warren–and I also must confess I find a good number of its ratings dubious (a 5/5 for Trump’s stance on immigration?)

Beyond that, the closest thing you’ll find to an “official” voter’s guide is the following document put out by the USCCB, which is only general advice rather than anything about specific candidates:

Well, this is a separate question. Earlier you were asking about the primary, now you’re presumably asking about the general election, because one doesn’t support Independents or Libertarians in the Democratic/Republican primaries!

In my view, for whatever issues the above unofficial “guide” may have, it’s dead right in that the candidate most aligned with Catholic values is Brian Carroll, though in California he’ll only be available as a write-in this year due to California’s very harsh ballot access laws.

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Thank you. I’ll vote write-in then.

There should be primaries for each party, unless you’re telling me there’s a top-2 voting system in the primaries now as well.

Well usually my friend and my Deacon’s wife gives me a voter guide for the area, but this time she didn’t help me for whatever reason.

I just registered to vote as American Solidarity Party as well, thank you.

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