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Just today, for the umpteenth time, I heard someone refer to “Christians” (meaning Protestants) and Catholics as if they were two completely different categories. So yet again, I explained, patiently, that Catholics are indeed Christians. Has anyone else experienced this? I assume it comes out of the 1980’s evangelical explosion, which kind of came and went, but it seems to persist. Whence comes this public perception that only “Protestants” qualify as “Christians?”:eek:

I think in the US the term Christian was stolen by the protestants , I remember After I started to call myself Christian , there was a baptist woman told me to stick with the Christian Churches and stay away from 3 Churches , Mormon , JW ,and Catholics

look what Ray comfort himself is saying about Catholics

It’s true that many protestants will tell you Catholics are Christians , but believe me there are many who reject the idea too , I just spoke to some protestant who claim that Catholicism created Islam (lol) , so there is a lot of false things and lies were taught about the Catholic Church in those protestant Churches .

in the Middle East we don’t have this problem (yet) , but I have notice a lot of convert from islam to Protestantism , saying that there is Christianity (only Jesus - protestant churches) , and Christianity by name , and by that they mean Catholic and Orthodox Churches .

I hear that quite regularly, even from Catholics. When I say that Catholics are Christians, the response is basically they are using the same terms as everyone else. It’s just my personal impression, but it seems like those who do this are not “into” Catholic apologetics.

Ray Comfort, lol! Catholics don’t consider themselves Christians? What has he been smoking?

And I agree, the label of “Christian” has been co-opted by Protestants, as if they had exclusive rights. I lived through the Evangelical times of the Bakkers, the drive-in church, all that other stuff, and I used to laugh to myself at how quickly the “born-agains” would turn on each other once Sunday service let out. Well, I guess they accomplished something, planting the widespread notion that they are the only “Christians” on the planet!

YES! Even our local priest, in addressing some Protestant visitors at our Christmas Eve Vigil, referred to them as “Christian” visitors. I’m sure he wasn’t thinking through what he was saying. Just goes to show how insidious it is. Well, Brothers and Sisters, we need to (gently and with a smile) correct, and correct, and correct, until the misconception goes away!

For starters, I get asked a lot whether I am Christian, because I always wear something that symbolizes the faith- a belt, a t shirt, a necklace, a baseball hat (I get much of it at the C28 Christian store in the mall, ironically). I need to remember, when asked, “are you a Christian?” to always simply answer, “yes,” without elaborating, unless asked.

I don’t know, wrongly or rightly, I’ve always felt that Christians were people of Christ. Those that believe in Christ and that He is the Son in the Holy Trinity.

Catholics definately believe this.

I mean, if you are a person of Christ, how can you NOT be a Christian? :shrug:

I think this is very true.
The notion of a separation between Catholic and Christian is a western, predominately American notion.

I find this kind of thing usually comes from two groups, one being people strongly committed to the idea of salvation by faith alone, and another which is basically the trendy “anti-religion/Christianity isn’t a religion” group - they hate rules and usually go on about Catholic “atrocities”.

EDIT: I realize what I wrote sounds redundant, what I mean is that while both groups literally are arguing the same point (salvation by faith alone) they usually are coming from different directions. The first would be your Baptist or John MacArthur types, the second would be trendy rocker kids and stuff.

Much of this actually goes back to the days of the refermation, if you ever get a chance take some time to read the writings of the protestant fathers, it’s eye opening. More so when you consider what they were doing to the bible back and those days (it didn’t stop at translating into languages… the catholic church had already translated them into previously…)

I think its the Catholic Church witch sets itself apart for other Christian Faiths.:slight_smile: and I think it started many many years ago.

very insightful!

Here’s my take: I don’t know about other countries, but here in the US, I think the term ‘Christian’ has gotten a very bad rap by the evangelical and fundamentalist world. For that reason, non-evangelical and non-fundamentalist Americans tend to identify themselves by their specific affiliation (Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc.) rather than as generic ‘Christian,’ lest they be mistaken for a Tammy Faye Bakker type or someone who thought the world would end on May 21.

Not saying this is the right attitude, necessarily, but that’s how I see it. For my part, I think I’ve called myself ‘Christian’ maybe once in my life, and that was to a Muslim who I knew didn’t understand all the differences in Christianity. Otherwise, I call myself a Catholic, plain and simple.

What does catholic mean?
It means the universal Church of Christ.
So to identify as a Catholic one is identifing themselves as christian.

Catholics are THE ONLY and ORIGINAL Christians. Everything else is a watered down version, lacking the fullness of Truth, and some aren’t even Christian at all (Triune God) , as in the case of the Mormons or JW.

And that little fish (ichthus)? That’s ours too darn it!!! We used it first, it’s ours, and it is NOT a Protestant symbol!!!

The reason it’s all become wishy washy and murky in the minds of so many, is because Catholics have allowed the co-opting of Catholic identity and said nothing about it. Because it’s not “charitable” or “nice” to tell someone they aren’t what they think they are.



Liza I agree with you. When I decided to leave my Protestant Church a few months back I did it based in part with so much of the Anti Catholic movement, now since coming into the Church it seems that we are the exact opposite. We are more open and kind in the general sense to Non Catholics. I know there are plenty of Denominations that are very kind to Catholicism as well , but the amount of Anti Catholicism from other Denominations is pretty startling. As for me I have decided to become a defender of the Church with those who say such negative things,with the understanding they are mostly uniformed. We all need to do the best we can to defend the Church and Evangelize when we can. We are all called to do so by the Lord. I know Catholics that hide there faith from friends and co-workers.

It was amazing I had a Rep for a Bank that I have known for years, she knew I was a Christian and that I was attending this little Non Denom Church and she never once brought up here Church in general discussion, now that I am coming into the Church I have a picture of Mary and a Catholic Bible behind my desk, when she saw it looked shocked and asked me why I had those things and I told her because I am in RCIA, needless to say she opened up and we had a great chat about the parish she attends and it dawned on my that she never once mentioned she was catholic. I asked her why and she said it was better to not get into the negative conversations about what she believes and she would just rather pass on the topic, but she talked in the past about being a Christian…which totally stumped me and got me thinking about all the other people I knew that were Catholic that pretty much did the same. I was sad and Said to myself that day I will never hide my Church from anyone!:smiley:

Visualize the standard target with concentric rings, the bullseye in the center.

Catholic is the bullseye. The additional rings proceeding out are still Christain but not as Christian as the Catholic Faith.

Christ established HIS Church when He was alive, not some 1,500 years later and not several, now too numerous churches that fit the perceptions of individuals.

Being baptized is truly great, but Jesus Christ Himself offered and required more. Unless you eat My flesh and drink My blood, you shall not have life within you. . . . This IS MY Body. This IS MY Blood.

Christ, being the Living Son of God, does not lie. We can believe Him fully or not.

No Christain church offers the FULLNESS of Christ accept the Catholic Church in the bullseye.

Move into the bullseye.

Only catholics are Christians? Wow, didn’t know that. :rolleyes:

Me neither and I"m Catholic!:wink:

I don’t know about the bullseye analogy. But without a doubt theres a learning curve. Christianity is Christianity.

Its not important that you become Catholic or whatever aspect of Christainity someone would choose to have you believe is in fact the truth.

Whats important is that you can proceed with an open mind, understanding the outside possibility you might not have it all correct. In fact I doubt as complex as 2000 years of teaching are, any of us do. Obviously some would lead you to believe otherwise though.

Because John Doe tells me this aspect of Christians are all crazy, I should believe that? Shouldn’t the process be an objective look at the truth. Then being able to accept where you stand in the truth?

Its an ascend/descend process. Its never I’m here and your just out of luck because your not. :shrug: Its called each one teach one.


=Faithdancer;8774442]Just today, for the umpteenth time, I heard someone refer to “Christians” (meaning Protestants) and Catholics as if they were two completely different categories. So yet again, I explained, patiently, that Catholics are indeed Christians. Has anyone else experienced this? I assume it comes out of the 1980’s evangelical explosion, which kind of came and went, but it seems to persist. Whence comes this public perception that only “Protestants” qualify as “Christians?”:eek:

***We are and they ARE DIFFERENT!


Because God Himself always and everywhere taught; demanded and accepted ONLY:

Belief in One God Triune

ONLY the ONE set of Faith-beliefs [including what the Bible actually says and means]

And Only ONE Church: that founded by Jesus Himself. Today’s CC

Because the Bible was 100% written by the end of the First Century:

Every reference to “church” or “Churches-regional terminilogy” refer by FACT to the CC of today.

The Bible dear friends is a Catholic Book;

The OT was assembled as guided by the HS by men known today to ahve been Catholics

The Entire NT is authored by men known today to have been Catholic

So in FACT and in effect the Bible is By Catholic and For Catholics.

Protestants would not come on to the scene for more than ONE THOUSAND YEARS after these FACTS.

BECAUSE of ALL of the above ALL Salvation MUST and DOES Flow through the CC. Any possibility of salvation outside Her is at best IFFY. Sins can be forgiven for example ONLY in the Manner COMMANDED By Jesus Himself in John 20:19-23. Mortal mens teachings of OSAS, the Sinners prayer and the like WILL NOT get ANYONE to heaven whom God makes available the actual truth. HIS TRUTHS, now guarged, guided and protected by BOTH the HS and Jesus Himself.

Jn.14:16-17 [fuliffied in John 20:19-23] and jn.17:15-19.*

This in NOT to disparage Protestant Faiths; because Jesus himself taught:

**Mark 9:38-42 **"John said to him, “Teacher, we saw a man casting out demons in your name, and we forbade him, because he was not following us.” But Jesus said, "Do not forbid him; for no one who does a mighty work in my name will be able soon after to speak evil of me. For he that is not against us is for us. For truly, I say to you, whoever gives you a cup of water to drink because you bear the name of Christ, will by no means lose his reward. “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung round his neck and he were thrown into the sea.” :thumbsup:

BUT dear friends KNOW that charity and professed belief in Christ ALONE are insufficient to get anyone into heaven. "To “KNOW GOD” MEANS to actually know and then DO ALL that he taught and commnads. And that friend is the difference bettween Catholic who Do; and protectant who FAIL to do ALL.:o

God Bless and May he lead you to HIS Truth:)


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