Catholic vs Lutheran?

As of now I am a non denominational christian, and here is my question in detail. I have been to Catholic Mass before and really enjoyed it (I agreed with the teachings and loved the respect they gave to God), but I’m still trying out different denominations. I would like to try a local Lutheran church, but what is it like? Is it like Catholic Mass? Or is it like Protestant services, where you just walk in and sit?

While there is a great deal of liturgical freedom within and variation among Lutheran services, as a general rule Lutherans follow the broad outline of the Western liturgical tradition: a service of the Word with readings and a sermon, followed by Holy Communion. So you should definitely notice parallels with a Catholic Mass.

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Lutherans copied the Catholic Mass for their liturgy since they broke away from the Church in the 1520s. You’ll see some similarities, but they have really left most of the Faith behind them in their quest for the three solas. I’m sure some other posters will do this more justice. I’ll say a prayer for you, brother!

We Catholics don’t have The Lutheran Satire :smiley:

Funny you should ask, I am a Lutheran thinking of switching to Catholic.

Lutherans do not have as much symbols, no mention of the Virgin Mary, but it is important to know there are two different types:

ELCA: more liberal, has female pastors and usually silent on abortion and homosexuality

Missouri Synod: more conservative, no female pastors, vocally against abortion and homosexuality

both tend to have longer sermons than Catholics, and are less traditional on literagy.

good luck on your search

The biggest and most important difference,The Real Presence…:wink:

Stay away from ELCA or Episcopal Churches. Missouri Synod Lutheran or Anglican would have similar theology to Catholicism, not the same, but Biblical and as such, similar. They often use King James language and prayers. Difficult at first, but beautiful once you become familiar with them.

That being said, why not Catholicism? A lot of RC parishes are just starting RCIA courses right now. They’re free and you can join with the intention of just learning about Catholicism.

I’m currently in RCIA and I have no doubts anymore, at all, in any way that this is the right decision for me.

Prior to me joining RCIA and attending a few masses, I’d been brought up as agnostic and none of my family ever attended church or talked about religion or God, or anything of a spiritual nature. The closest I came to religion growing up was my step-father was Jewish and we celebrated all of the major Jewish holidays. I loved it. But wanted more. So at 42 (now I’m 43 yrs old) I’m on my way.

Last weekend I went to an Episcopalian service. I went because it struck me that maybe the good feeling I’m getting while at Mass could be had in other churches. So I went. The people were very friendly, nothing at all wrong with the service. But I left feeling empty inside. To me, it felt like a purely human church. It’s hard for me to put into words the differences I felt between my Catholic parish and the Episcopalian parish, but the differences were there. I’m not one of those people who feels the presence of the Holy Spirit well, I’m too analytical at times. I over-think things. But at Catholic mass, I think I do feel something. It’s slight, but it’s there, and I’m hoping to feel more of it as time goes on and I stay on this path.

Sorry to have gone on, but this discussion here just made me think of that. :slight_smile: Good luck with your journey!

I think most Lutherans would take offense at that.

:thumbsup: I completely agree.

A careful, open-minded study of Luther’s thinking on the subject might convince you otherwise. The theological argument might be rather different, but the fundamental belief is actually quite profound.

They very well may, particularly the more orthodox Lutherans. There are several respected Lutherans who post here regularly and are also very knowledgeable in this specific subject. I hope that, rather than take offense, they could take a moment to enlighten us on the true teaching and belief of their church.

Great post. God is very gentle in guiding us home. But that difference, that little something, is very real. It is the presence of Christ.

Most LCMS parishes are pretty conservative and very traditional.
The Mass at would be very familiar to a Catholic.

The order of service is as follows:

Confession and Holy Absolution
Gloria in Excelcis
Old testament reading
Alleluia verse
Holy Gospel
Service of the Sacrament (Holy Eucharist)
Lord’s Prayer
Words of Institution
three hymns while members receive the True Body and True Blood
Nunc Dimitus

(Forgive me if I left anything out)

I think you would feel right at home if you enjoyed the Mass you attended at a RC parish


Catholic-lite…that’s Lutheranism for ya. :thumbsup:

Mainline without a doubt. So much going on out here now Dave that its depends on who, of what particular aspect of the denomination your speaking to. As we have had this discussion before and I found it hard to keep track of who believes what anymore.

Amen. I believe your right Steve, thats been my experience.

Here’s a very short read talking to whether Lutheran Holy Orders are valid. That is the central question on whether the consecration is really the body and blood of Jesus.

… But its true :slight_smile:

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