Catholic weddings

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I’m a new Catholic, and I’ve never been to a Catholic wedding. But if I ever get married, of course I’ll be married in the Church.

So I’m just wondering…what are Catholic weddings like? I mean the actual ceremony. How are they different from Protestant weddings?

Is there a Mass?

In another thread someone mentioned a dedication to Mary, and I think that is beautiful :slight_smile: is this something that’s commonly done during a wedding?

thanks :slight_smile: I’m sorry I’m very ignorant about this :o

The Catholic Marriage Rite can be done within the Mass or outside the Mass. Whether or not you have a Mass depends on a number of factors, including whether or not you marry another Catholic, whether or not you have a priest as witness to the marriage or a deacon, personal preferences, etc.

If you have a wedding within the Mass, then the Order of the Mass includes the Liturgy of the Word, the Marriage Rite, and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. If it is a wedding outside of Mass, then there is the Liturgy of the Word and the Marriage Rite.

The Church does allow some cultural traditions within the ceremony such as presenting flowers to Mary, the Lasso, the Arias, etc, that are found in the Hispanic traditions. Exact procedures and allowances would be discussed with the priest during marriage preparation.

Here’s a link to the Order of the Mass:

My wedding two years ago included a Mass.My family is Catholic. Two of my bridesmaid’s are LDS and my maid of honor called herself nonreligious**. But a Mass was very important to both me and my husband because we were both baptized and confirmed by the priest who married us (twenty-two years apart). The priest gave us communion during our wedding and then asked if anybody else would like to receive it.

**my girls knew this was to be a religious ceremony at the time I asked them to be a part of my wedding. It sparked some interesting and serious conversations and they were glad to see what a Catholic ceremony is all about. Come to think of it, they knew they would be in a religious wedding when they all agreed to be my bridesmaids at recess fifteen years ago.

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