Catholic? Why

Why are you Catholic?

I’ll just state some side reasons of why I’m Catholic

Religious Orders

I’m not Catholic yet but decided to convert from Protestantism because it was wrong about the Eucharist. So major points lost there. I may not like or understand many of the teachings of the Church, but it’s been a continual succession from Christ Himself. And the saints are inspirational and their lives and writings are points of grace for us regular folks, IMHO.

Protestantism seems to rationalize spiritual matters with human understanding…but I believe God is beyond that (e.g., Mysteries, Sacraments). That’s not to say there’s a lack of good intent or desire to follow and serve God outside of the Church…but I believe the Catholic Church allows a more direct and efficacious route to sanctity and hopeful salvation.

There are different levels of Faith: Faith in God, then Faith in Jesus, then Faith in a particular Church, then Faith in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

I thank Jesus and Mary for my Catholic Faith.

Also, Jesus says that He has “other sheep who do not belong to this fold [the Church]”.
And, “Wherever two or three are gathered in my Name, there am I in their midst.”
So, I believe Jesus is also present in Christians and Christian Churches who aren’t Catholic.

I was born catholic, and like so many others took my faith for granted. About 10 years ago, my faith was rekindled and now I am Catholic because I firmly believe that the CC was founded by Christ, it is His kingdom here on earth, it has been around for over 2000 years, it is His store house of grace, it guards against error…Wow…and that ain’t even the half of it!!!

I was born into the Catholic faith but I wasn’t raised Catholic. I was raised agnostic at best.

I owe my faith in Jesus, in general, thanks to my children. However, I’m Catholic because of three things: Tradition, History and Truth.

No other form of Christianity has the fullness of the faith like the Catholic Church does.

For me…it’s Catholicism or nothing. Since I believe the Tomb is empty…I have to be Catholic.

Is this in the wrong spot?

Why Catholic? Because it tells us the truth about God and who we are as human beings.

Why do you think?

okay first of all its been proven by science that Jesus lived, it have also been proven by science that Jesus was cruxified and died , Theres also evidence that Jesus was burried ,Theres evidence that after 3 days the tomb was empty , Theres evidence that over 500 people said they saw him all at the same time after he had died and 500 people cant hallucinate at the same time its impossible shortly after that over 2 thousand people converted to christianity how do you explain that the only explanation to this is that Jesus realy rose from the dead , and thats why im catholic , God bless you

Our Liturgy.

If you look at the Apostles it’s really hard to deny that something changed them. First, they claimed that women discovered the empty tomb. Not a great way to start off your story about your God’s power in the ancient world, showing the historicity behind the empty tomb. Then, the disciples went throughout the Roman world and beyond proclaiming the Good News. Who would do that for a lie, and then die for it as well? Furthermore, considering the trauma that had to have come from seeing their leader betrayed and crucified, it’s impossible for them to have conspired and come up with a lie about Jesus.

The only explanation I can come up with is that Jesus rose from the dead. :thumbsup:

I was born Catholic, but in my 20s, I has a “revelation”. One night I saw a documentary on the architecture of the Vatican.

Long story short; St. Peter is buried directly under the altar. Testing and forensics have determined that the man buried in St. Peter’s tomb is a 2000 year old middle eastern man, who had been crucified upside down. Just like St. Peter. So… given the role of Peter in the Bible, that kind of proved the legitimacy of the Church.

It was a secular program (National Geographic, or TLC, or something like that…), so there was no pro-Catholic bias there. I’m an educated man, and that program really cemented the “legend” in fact. The archeology is what sealed the deal for me.

Because it is the true church, the Church that Jesus founded and it is still existing now. If you want to be into something, it stands to reason to go into the authentic one. There are many ways, but there is only one Way; there are many churches but there are only One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.

There is Peter, the Eucharist, the Word and Mary in their fulness. One can’t find these in any others.

This … :slight_smile:

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Whenever I try to explain why I’m Catholic (or at least why, as a Christian, I would lean toward Catholicism), I always forget a lot, but here are a few reasons:

The New Testament points to an established Church that relied on Tradition and some form of hierarchy. The Bible did not bring forth the Church, it was the other way around. Rather than trying to find a “Bible-based church,” I was already looking at a “Church-based Bible” and ought to find the Church behind it. When I tried to find out what the early Church believed (versus modern interpretations based almost solely on the New Testament which the early Church produced), I found SO much that no one had ever told me about even though my family attended a very teaching-based church that occasionally referred to the Fathers. Some of what I read was actually the opposite of what I had been taught. This narrowed the search; I had to find a Church that was hierarchical, sacramental and liturgical.

I felt, personally (I know it’s not the only interpretation of the Incarnation, nor even the most popular one), that God was going to be made flesh from before the beginning of creation, before sin. A view of the Incarnation that had salvation from sin as it’s sole purpose seemed too much like a “Plan B,” and the Incarnation was not a “Plan B” sort of thing. It seems like God made Man in His own image, because God intended to take the image of Man. If Jesus was always coming into the world, whether for the atonement of sins or for the fuller revelation of God in His creation regardless of whether or not we would sin, therefore the Mother of God was predestined from the beginning as well. In a sense, all creation was formed around the Mother of God as the penultimate reason for the universe: the revelation of God in material form. If God had made Mary the crowning achievement of the universe (I’m talking about mere creation; obviously, the God-Man is in another category, above everything), I couldn’t belong to any church that gave her less glory than God did.

Catholicism is reasonable. Sometimes the reasons may not always be understood, but they are there. I don’t have to rely on faith minus reason. This is not a comment on the “Faith Alone” doctrine, because I don’t think “Sola Fide” excludes reason; but I have attended churches that enforced a kind of pseudo-Sola Fide that was somewhat contemptuous of reason.

The popes were important. Whether or not they were essential or “optional,” they were there from the first century on. (I had been taught that the papacy was invented by the corrupted Roman Church in the middle ages.)

I’m in the midst of an RCIA program and the reasons for me are fairly simple.

  1. The church has a hiearchy. The Baptist church of my youth was an autonomous body. That type body is plagued with problems as everything is up for vote. From personnel to doctrine.

  2. I find the Mass to be a more worshipful experience than any other service I’ve ever attended.

  3. It was easy to fall in line with belief in the true presence of the Eucharist.

  4. Though protestant ministers are often handsome, well spoken and charismatic, overall, I’ve found senior pastors and bishops of the Catholic Church to be more humble and holy. When a human example of holiness and humility is needed, I prefer a Catholic priest to be my example.

  5. I’ve found the Catholic scripture interpretations to be incredibly intriguing and they instantly make great sense. The way the OT and NT are tied together with the NT being the completion of the OT has energized me more than most anything else.

There are other things I like along the way, such as your body being part of prayer, the Liturgies, etc. There are many things I’m not so thrilled about but those are personal differences more than anything else.

Beyond that, everything else is the gravy.

There is a lot in here that I do not mention, mainly because they’re not that important to me so they haven’t been overlooked, just not the same kick to me as to others. At least at this time.


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