Catholic Wills




My husband and I just got married and we would like to make wills. I have looked around the Internet for Catholic will and estate planning advice or a template or something, but I can't find anything!

Does anyone out there know of a good article for Catholics who are writing wills?

Thank you so much for your time!! God bless you all!



Not so much Catholic advice, but seriously consider a living trust as doing such would let you avoid having to deal with probate court. More information here.


You can try contacting your diocesan Stewardship office.

I don't know about every diocese, but in ours in addition to the traditional "time, talent, and treasure" fundraising stuff you associate with the Stewardship office, they also give workshops on estate planning. And, not just planned giving to the Church, but all aspects of estate planning.

Perhaps yours does too and would come to your parish and give a workshop. Or, perhaps they can recommend Catholic lawyers in your diocese who do estate planning.


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