"Catholic" woman endorses contraceptive use


All of the “Catholics” in the comments applauding her for endorsing the use of contraceptives are all a sick joke. Heretics the whole lot, “Catholics” like this are endangering countless souls because of their justification of use of contraceptives how sad. If you are not prepared to have a child or do not want an STD then it’s simple DO NOT HAVE SEX UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. God made sex for reproduction ONLY anything else is foul and an abomination. How dare any of them call themselves Catholic and go so strongly against a church teaching like this. What a mockery of Christs church this women isn’t anymore a catholic than stalin was a saint.

A further report on this article: realcatholictv.com/free/index.php?vidID=vort-2012-02-28

(If you wish to view the video that discusses the flaws of the article you will have too sign up for a free account on that website. Real easy then once you have done so click the link I posted again.)

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