Catholic women praying boldly for catholic men!


I am Nicole. This idea was birthed out of the hearts of a friend and I after a lot of heartfelt discussion. We are both beautiful, godly 30 year old women who are dismayed at the fact that there are so little men in our churches.

We see the destruction of our society taking place (crime, domestic violence, corruption, etc) because of the lack of a healthy masculinity and holy fathers and husbands. We are dismayed at the church level becuase we see Our Mother Church, in many areas worldwide (including our country of Trinidad and Tobago) crying out for young men especially to answer the call for vocations. We are dismayed at a personal level, for we are both young women who desired to answer God’s call for vocation to marriage and are finding it difficult to find quality CATHOLIC MEN to marry, even in some cases, men who do attend church.

After much complaining we decided to act and so the idea for this group was born. We hope that you will join is in prayer to bring men back to God and in our Church! We pray that you will sincerely join us in prayer and fasting on the 1st day of the month for it affects us all as women, as Church and as society. The group originated on Facebook and those wish can go to the link

Otherwise, I would like to start a roll call of ladies on this forum!! God’s blessings!!



I am married, but I will most certainly join in, in prayer. What an awesome thread! :slight_smile:


Nicole great post and great idea! I am already married, but I will back you guys in prayer.
God is faithful to us and he provides us with great men for every generation, this generation will be no different - even if takes a lot of extra prayer.


LOL…I did not want to be too long in the first post but now I will post the introduction to the Facebook group! And mostly certainly married women are invited to pray both for men in general and their husbands,

Here is the intro I wrote:

This is a group for Catholic women to pray boldly for our Catholic men that they may become true and devout members of our Church and for them to become good husbands, religious and priests.

This group is for

  • FIRSTLY, Single women to pray for a new, abundant harvest of devout Catholic well-formed single men in our parishes whom they can marry.

  • SECONDLY, Married women to pray that their husbands are holy, devout Catholic family men who love and serve their God, wives and families.

  • THIRD,Women to pray for holy priests and religious that are good male role models to disciple men.

  • FOURTH,Women to pray for the conversion of any man in their life to the Catholic faith.

We wish to pray, fast, post prayers,etc and support each other as women every FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH for to God to work in our men’s lives.

The link to the Facebook group again is…

It is a closed group to facilitate a bit of privacy in sharing but once you send the invite I will surely respond as I am the admin and creator.


Pray for me, one of those sad and despicable men, who have been given so much by God, but who are so selfish and cowardly, and will not love as they know they must love.

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!



This is excellent! You are so right. We need our Catholic men to stand up, show up, and start acting like the men God wants them to be. They need our prayers so much!


Great Idea! I won’t do the Facebook thing, but will certainly add my prayers to yours the 1st day of each month.


Single ladies! where you at?


Ok, I’m in…I also asked to join your group on facebook.


Thanks for the prayers! :):):slight_smile:

I know that we could really benefit from it.


The first time I went to a Charismatic Conference, I watched a film about the Garbage People of Juarez, Mexico. Members of a parish in El Paso took to heart the scripture passage to invite those who cannot repay. On Christmas Day, they took 150 burritos (or tacos) and a ham. The food did not run out as they fed more people than they had planned for. Other miracles followed.
The first persons to accept Christ, whether we are talking about Juarez or the Bible were women. Only women, except for John, remained faithful as Jesus carried his cross on Calvary.
The Church in Juarez came alive when the men, because of the prayers of the women, renounced their adultery and drunkenness. The Church came alive when the men assumed their leadership roles in the Church.
Let us pray for our men!


Thank you for the wonderful testimony, Deb Chris! May I be allowed to post it on the other group? Ladies, keep the roll call coming!! We want 500 ladies on this thing! Those in the know…spread it!!


Sure you can post it elsewhere.




Hmm, so why do people think there are so few men in Catholic Churches? It is also the case in many Protestant congregations. It isn’t the case in Orthodox churches - what about Eastern Catholics?

And there is a larger societal problem with men, or boys rather, not growing up.

Prayer is a very good thing, but I am curious about why this phenomena is happening.


What a beautiful idea! :slight_smile:
I will definitely be praying!


Many have turned away from God, as can be seen by the large number of divorced couples. Disorder is marriage is a sign of disorder in our relationship to God.
I do think there is a larger societal problem with boys not growing up. The very real need for men to mentor boys, to be a part of their life is becoming ever more apparent. Boys need positive male role models. My father had that in his Boy Scout leader. He kept a picture of the man throughout his life. Yes, his father was alive, but he was often ill and died when my father was 18.
I am starting to see more male mentoring programs for boys, so they can learn how to treat women with respect. There has been a large push to help develop the self-esteem of women. What is being done to help boys develop the self-confidence they need to be men?
What I do see where I currently live, until the end of the week, are men who openly pray the rosary. A man will only do this if moved by the Holy Spirit. I see men taking their leadership role seriously. One of my favorite programs was developed by a former convict. He pairs “the rough with the tough,” rehabilitated felons with youth at risk. He uses the game of chess as a metaphor for life. Each move has consequences. When do you sacrifice the pawn to save the queen? Boys need character development and men are the best equipped to provide it.
Boys still need their mothers, but they also need fathers for stability.
This could be a good discussion for a different thread.


maybe if i took this to the prayer thread, i may get more responses, do ya think??


Count me in. I’m married as well and also requested to join Facebook!


Amen!! Admission granted!! Where all the single ladies at?

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