Catholic Women Priests Fighting For Right To Preach What They Practice


LOS GATOS (CBS13) — Inside one of the oldest churches is a new practice emerging that could change Catholicism forever.

Juanita Cordero is a woman priest, but some would call her a rebel committing a crime against her own religion.

However, to this group she opens her Los Gatos home to every week, she is their reverend.


Pope Francis excommunicates Australian priest

An Australian priest who supports the ordination of women has been excommunicated by Pope Francis.

Evangelii Gaudium: Pope says only men can be priests, but women must have voice in Church


This practice will NOT change the Catholic Church. It is clearly occurring outside of the formal institution of the Church. Nor are these women priests as they are not validly ordained. I can call myself anything. Saying it does not make it so.

I am not personally opposed to women as priests in theory. But, I oppose acting outside of the doctrine and guidance of the Holy Father and the Magisterium of the Church which we are pledged to follow faithfully.


One wonders if it is possible for the secular media to run an article about the Catholic Church that doesn’t mention the abuse scandal. ?


*:smiley: ~ there are many openings for good Catholic women (wives, mothers, teachers, nuns, etc. along with a tremendous **need for women Saints **in the Catholic Church but not ** one position for women priests because there is no *such thing :nope:!!


They can’t be “Catholic women priests”. To me, they aren’t “Catholic”, because “Catholic” implies adhering to a set of beliefs. They are not and are outside the Church.


And they are just banging their heads against a brick wall but don’t seem to know it, or maybe just don’t care!! The Catholic Church has done more for the dignity of women than any other institution in the world and this is how thy appreciate it. The Catholic Church will be here long after they are gone, teaching the truths of the faith to those who will listen. Prayers, God Bless, Memaw


The Pope has spoken. The Church does not have the power to ordain women. End of discussion. Every true Catholic is bound by this doctrinal declaration.


AMEN, God Bless, Memaw


Just like it the synod of bishops declared infallibly that the church had no power in the 300’s to abolish slavery because it was a natural institution ordained by God but then decided about fourty years ago slavery was bad?

Give it another twenty-thirty years for when the number of seminarians drops to critical levels, it’ll change.


Not sure when or if that really happened but it couldn’t have been infallible or it wouldn’t have been changed. God Bless, Memaw


I haven’t got the full extract but thankfully wikipedia has the line I need

I’ll fix this when I get back, I think I mentioned this occasion in one of my earlier posts on a topic about gay marriage with a link to the full extended text that declared that to speak for abolition was a sin worthy of excommunication. I wounder If I could link to it here…

Edit: Seems I can


In fact, if you actually read what the bishops declared (in a local council), it was NOT that the church “had no power in the 300s to abolish slavery because it was a natural institution ordained by God” In fact they never said any such thing. They merely said that no one should direct a slave, as his religious duty, to run off and not obey his master. Big difference. The council said NOTHING about the institution of slavery itself.


Not worry, it didn’t happen. The poster is misconstruing the canon of that council.


“I’m Catholic! That means I obey the teachings of the Catholic Church headed by the Pope. Except for this teaching. We’re going to have to change that. The Church is definitely wrong. So in the mean time, I’ll go start my underground Episcopal church and just do my thing for the time being. But I’m swear, I’m TOTALLY Catholic!”



His assertion that the church only condemned slavery 45 years ago is also incorrect. The Pope issued a bull in 1514 condemning the African Slave trade.The first European leader to do so.


This was a **local **synod. Local synods do not necessarily exercise the Church’s protection of infallibility in the same way that an ecumenical council (universal synod) does (I.e. all the bishops of the world in union with the Pope of Rome). Regardless, the canon of this synod does not say what you say it does. There is a big difference between not commanding a slave to despise his master and endorsing slavery as an ordinance of God. There is also a big difference between the slavery of the Roman world and the racial chattel slavery that later evolved in the Americas.


Yet another secular media piece in which it’s clear the reporter didn’t bother researching Church teaching enough to know that those bishops performed an invalid “ordination” of two women to the episcopacy, thereby incurring latae sententiae (i.e., automatic) excommunication upon themselves and the women, and that any women those “women bishops” ordain are also illicitly and invalidly “ordained” - can anyone say “domino effect”?

They can’t fight for “rights” that they don’t have, rights that don’t, by definition, exist. :rolleyes:


In other words, delusion man proclaims himself ruler of the world…

The woman’s not a priest, the woman can’t be a priest, and all she’s doing is participating in a heresy. No Dogma n the Church can change, no matter mow much the media tries to sensationalize nonsense like this. It appears that this “priest” forgot the obedience portion of what it is to be a servant of God.


One w2onders when the MM will start attacking Islam for not having female Imam’s?

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