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This is one major reason is would consider becoming Catholic, the fact that I don’t see a lot of Christian women to look up to but I do look up to some Catholic women. Some of the books I’ve read of some of the Catholic nuns are amazing and it seems like they really understand the gospel. Maybe it’s that they are nuns and nit moms and housewives but I don’t see that as much in christian women. Or maybe I just don’t know a lot of Catholic women in my own personal life. Any thoughts?

I think one generally finds the people one seeks in many different places.

I see what you’re saying. Maybe I’m jaded because I grew up protestant and have been hurt many times but th women in the church.

I thought maybe the Catholic church had a different role for women than the protestant church.

You know that song, “looking for love in all the wrong places?” Most of us are just ordinary. You can meet more “good” Catholic women by joining and mingaling/working, in Catholic women groups in your parish. Unless your a guy, of course.

I am a woman and I am not Catholic. That’s why I was wondering what the difference might be me. I’m just disappointed in th protestant church in a lot of ways so it’s made me very curious about the Catholic church. If I can’t look up to most of the christian women that I know then maybe the protestant church us missing something. Dies that make sense?

The Catholic Church celebrates the lives of many women saints, and certainly there are many devout spiritual roles women can play within the Church, too. I’ve never really thought about how a Protestant might see it. I should ask my wife… she was raised Southern Baptist.

Still, the Church does see the roles of men and women in Church function differently, but it does see both men and women as having equal dignity. And as I already said, women are celebrated as saints, too. I guess that’s one aspect most Protestants may miss, as many don’t celelbrate saints, and men dominate so much of scripture.

I think you are right to see something. I can’t say if it’s what you’re looking for, though, because it’s not something I’ve really thought about. Certainly most men and women are completely ordinary…

In all fairness it is not the denomination that will determine if a lady will hurt you, it is the individual through their own weaknesses that may cause them to hurt another not religion or faith. It can also be how you treat a lady that will determine how she treats you. No one is perfect and all sin. In addition Moms and Housewives are treasures just as the Nuns are, just a different focus in life.

Also I am sure if you really tried hard there are many righteous ladies who are not Catholic that are great examples of Christianity. It takes looking in the right place, like church maybe. They don’t have to be famous, but they may lead exemplary lives in Christ.

As a closing note, all Catholics are Christians but not all Christians are Catholic. So some Christians can be Baptist, Lutheran, or Methodists.

I’m just saying there’s no comparison between Joyce Meyer and Mother Theresa.

:smiley: That made me laugh, in a good way, and it is true in a sense, though I believe Joyce’s ministries raise a lot of money for charity and they work in many countries to ease suffering.

I do think there are females in all the Christian branches of the faith that serve the Lord well. But, I tend to agree that in some respects the RCC seems to underscore certain women in way that is different than in other churches, which I believe is linked the role of Mary.

One (more evangelical) female with a fascinating modern story is the foundress of Amazima ministries, Katie Davis, who is a youngling, but what a story. “Kisses from Katie” is the book chronicling her call to Uganda.

Yes this makes sense. The protestant church is vastly male dominate. Not that that is a bad thing I just feel like I want someone to look up to sometimes and I find more from the Catholic church than the protestant.

I’m a convert to the Catholic Church and a woman. The Catholic Church does hold a special value for women. Most of my close friends are Catholic, almost all are women.

I think what you are seeing is women in a traditional role, wife, mother, homemaker, and are happy with that role. They are strong, confident, faithful, and generous. I know not all Catholic women are stay at home moms either by choice or necessity, I was a working mother. I’m not suggesting they subjugate women at all.

But in a society where women are told by the secular media that in order to “have it all” they must be superwoman. The Catholic Church celebrates women where they are, as they are, and places a high value on women for being the maternal & nurturing arm of the Church. Regardless of their station in life, wife, mother, CEO, consecrated religious, single…and so on, the Church sees their value. I am a divorced older woman with grown children and several grandchildren. My parish places value on me where I am, not for what I can do.

I hope this make sense to you. It’s difficult to describe the concept articulately, at least for me. You may want to sign up for RCIA which is the process one uses to join the Church. You don’t have to make any commitment to join the Church until the week of Easter and even then for some they change their minds on Holy Saturday:D. But seriously it would be a way to explore what the Catholic Church teaches and to have some dialogue with others.

Lol, I’m glad you liked that. I’ve been wondering if Mary’s role is the difference. I was really hesitant about her at first because of growing up protestant but now I’m reconsidering what I believe.

And thanks for the Katie Davis reference I’ll have to check her out

I heard a woman on the radio once ask the same question and she said that the Holy Spirit told her to look in the mirror. It was a beautiful story.

I was going to make the same suggestion as Horton that you sign up for RCIA. Taking the class does not commit you to joining the Catholic Church. It is as the name implies, an inquiry class. Horton also beautifully phrased that the Catholic Church values women for who we are, not what we do. The richest man or woman in the congregation is no better than the poorest. Mary is lifted up as an example of piety for all. Women saints come from all walks of life, from housewives to soldiers, to nuns.
The Catholic Church carries with it much of the rich marriage symbolism of its Judeo heritage. You will hear the Church referred to as feminine, espoused to God. We are the Body of Christ. There are many ways in which a woman is lifted up within the Church, and made to understand her equal dignity with man if her heart is open to listening.

Mother Theresa was a wonderful woman, who had flaws like the rest of us. She did some very extraordinary things with her life though and touched the lives of many through her work.

I’d never discourage somebody from seeking the truth, but I also would say, that there are many extraordinary woman who are Protestants.

Many of them were missionaries, so sort of similar to Mother Theresa and you can find stories about them.

Joyce Meyer and Mother Theresa come from two different worlds.

But there are Catholic Women who teach and preach mostly to other women and they would seem much more similar to Joyce Meyers.

I just caution that you don’t come to the Church looking for perfection among the people, or you’ll be hugely disappointed.

Come to the Church seeking Christ.

I’d say there are good people to look up to in all religions and non-religions.
People are people.
One place doesn’t have one type.
You will find both “hurtful” and “loving” people everywhere, and often where you least expect it.


This is a very important point. The Church is indeed comprised of sinners and saints in the making. Some of us will definitely rub you the wrong way, for whatever reason. We just might not get along. On the other hand, you may find some great friends within the Catholic Church.
The main reason for joining is not for the fellowship, or because the liturgy is more beautiful in one parish than it is in another. The reason for coming to the Catholic Church is because you truly believe what She teaches. That is why we invite you to come to an RCIA class. Come to seek Christ. See for yourself.
We want you to feel welcome. It is also true that you may find a parish in which we don’t exactly rush out to greet you with open arms. This is probably the greatest complaint about Catholics. When we go to Church for Mass, many of us don’t even notice anybody else. We go to our pews, participate in the Mass, and then go home, self-absorbed in our own little worlds.
While the Catholics are involved in different ministries both inside and outside the Church, the people involved don’t generally brag about what they are doing. It’s just part of their daily lifestyle. I think the same can be said of most Christians.

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