Catholic womens group, anyone?

Does your parish have a catholic women’s group? We have a catholic daughters of the ?? group, but is this what I am looking for? I want to belong or even start a catholic mom, womens, bible study, fun day, craft, parenting group. Does anyone belong to one they like or know how to get started adding one to our parish? I was wanting somthing simliar to mops, but Catholic version. Any help would be great.
Beth mom to 5 (8, 6, 4, 2, 5m)

I only know of MOPS. My parish did have a group titled “homes” (helping our moms of elementary students, it wasn’t nationwide type of thing like mops) but it was open to all moms. We met just one night a month and each month there was a new topic or guest speaker. In April, we had a board game night, and it was a lot of fun!! But other than that, I don’t know of any. Let me know if you find a group that is similar to MOPS! Thanks!! :wink:

We have a Women’s Society and they run bake sales and plenty of other things… I believe they have guest speakers, and meetings once a month. I know they help to organize a lot of things. I’ve been planning on going to the next meeting, in fact, to join up. :slight_smile: And we also have a Quilt Group which meets during the day once or twice a week… I get the feeling it’s for retired women and SAHM’s. We also have a Moms and Tots group that meets once or twice a week.

We have one but I’m not involved with it. Not because I don’t want to be involved, but the woman who runs it at my parish is obnoxious. She also does all the music, which is why this is the first parish that I am not involved with that either. Our womens group doesn’t seem to do a whole lot except for a few dinners and donate money to different groups (I guess they get the money from various fund raisers, but I never see anything about it until their dinners are scheduled and announced in the bulletin). Sorry, wish I could help, truth is, I would love to start a group at my parish but the DRE won’t let us have a WOMEN’S Bible study… it has to be open to everyone, and as far as other types of groups… we have a group that does crafts to sell at our yearly Fall Festival, but they want 100% attendance every week and I can’t promise that with all my kids.

We have a Women’s Guild and a Columbiettes chapter (which I just joined in March). There are other opportunities for getting involved. I volunteer in the nursery (there are men who volunteer, including my DH, as well), for the monthly Parents’ Day Out, and as a teacher’s assistant for Vacation Bible School.

Familia is the best!

the Catholic women’s group in most parishes here that is open to all women of the parish, in fact there is a dues envelope in your envelope packet once a year, is the Altar Society. It is organized in guilds, basic neighborhood groups, that meet regularly, and the guild heads have their own meetings. They take turns cleaning the church, and helping with special parish projects. They also say the rosay at set times. Some parishes have Guadalupanas, basically Hispanic church ladies, they organize the traditional celebration, las mananitas for OL Guadalupe’s feast on Dec. 12, but also do the typical church lady good works in their parishes, support CCD etc.

We have a group called “M.A.C.H.” which stands for mothers and children. We meet once a week Sept-May
Our first hour is devoted to discussing how God plays a role in our homes, marriages, families, etc. and the second hour our priest comes in and we read the coming Sunday’s gospel and have a discussion on the gospel and question and answers. We have on site childcare for infants to age six, it has been a answer to my prayers for a wonderful group like this, I have met some fine women from many backgrounds and all going through different things in their lives but our Catholic faith in common… it is a huge blessing:)

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