Catholic Word Report Magazine?


Does anyone here subscribe to Catholic World Report magazine? I got a trial issue the other day and it seemed pretty orthodox, but I would like to have some other opinions as to whether it is worth subscribing or not.

I got the December issue and one of the main articles was about which dioceses in the USA were bringing in the most seminarians. The thing I didnt like about that report though was that they ranked each diocese (all 176 in the USA) according to a ‘seminarian to Catholic’ ratio and I thought that gave a skewed picture. It wasnt a surprise that the more conservative ones were at the top, but it isnt a fair ranking when you compare the overall size (catholic population) of each diocese.


Link maybe?


It is a magazine I got via snail mail.
I googled the name and here is their website:

It is by Ignatius, so that is a plus, I will take a look at the older articles they put online.


Why unfair? The number of priests required is proportional to the number of Catholics in the diocese. Shouldn’t the number of seminarians be proportional to the number of priests required?


It was unfair in the sense that a “seminarians to Catholics” ratio should not be the DECIDING factor of how good a diocese is ranked. Many factors should be taken into account. The seminarian to Catholics ratio is a good number to take into account, but it should not be the only number.

If I remember correctly Chicago was listed as having 3Million Catholics and 300 seminaries and was ranked 60th (out of 176). Most dioceses had less than 1 Million Catholics and only one or two of the 176 had at least 100 seminarians, while most had anywhere from a hand-full to 30 seminarians.

Thus a diocese with a few hundred thousand would have a better chance to look better because the seminarian to Catholics ratio would have a better chance at being smaller.


I used to get it - it’s an excellent magazine, both in its attention to the Church world-wide & in its presentation; the production values are very high. And it manages to keep clear of faction-fighting.

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