Catholic Writers Guild

It’s time, my fellow Catholic writers. It’s time to renew the culture.



Well I suppose I *have *to join the Guild now.

:D:D:D On the entry form for the contest, they ask if the author belongs to the CWG. I thought to myself “Darn it! edwest2 suggested that I join months ago”. I checked out the website and didn’t have $30US at the time. Actually, you’d be surprised how hard it is lately to have $30US on your person. Mm, mm, mm, bad times.

I was curious about that. Why would you need to belong to the CWG? I don’t know much about it.

I don’t think anyone “needs” to belong. I thought it would be a good idea if only for the networking thing. I’m not good at the networking thing. There also seems to be, perhaps, a kind of “Imprimatur” that they offer for Catholic writers. Kind of like the “Oprah Winfrey Book Club” only without all the securlar pagan humanism. :cool: (Don’t worry: I don’t know what I mean there either).:blush:

I’m snooping more into it as time allows.

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