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I started a new forum on my writing site and wanted to ask writers, or those who are thinking of writing, who are Catholic to consider joining it. If you visit it, there are not any posts there yet because it’s new. I would like the direction of it to go differently than other writer’s forums and thought that the best way would be to ask Catholics, such as myself, who are interested in learning to write a story and also those who are experienced writers to join.

If you want to join, simply sign up and make a post introducing yourself, or start posting writing tips or questions. There are not yet any sample writings for critique, so if you want to be the first, go right ahead. :smiley:

About the site

I started the site a couple of years ago simply as a place to deposit my thoughts on writings. It has since become fairly popular via the search engines in terms of people who want writing advice. I never considered building a community for it and just recently thought it might be a good idea and also fun.

Contact me if you have any questions.


I will take a look at the site and comment shortly.

In the meantime, I want to note that your signature contains the following broken link:



I’ve written for Gilbert magazine and would like to take a look at that forum later. :slight_smile:

Thanks Sailor! It’s brand new so please don’t be afraid of no one posting there.

Thanks—I took a quick look and it seems interesting. :slight_smile:

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