Catholic Young Adults? An Introduction

**I’ve been in and out of the Church pretty consistently since my early teen years. But throughout this period, I’ve also had persistent urges to return to the faith in which I was raised. I don’t think I’ve ever completely let go of my belief in God, all the while my mental faculties are claiming religion to be null and void.

It can be frustrating being torn between two radically different worldviews-that of Atheism, and that of Roman Catholicism. It’s time to come to terms with what I truly believe, and after trying eveything else but, I’ve decided the only way to make sense of my desire to be Catholic even while rejecting the concept of God/deity, is to give Catholicism a fair chance. If I only consistently fight against my will to believe, without giving it a closer examination, then I can be assured a life of religious confusion.

I’m young-now is the time to build a foundation for the life I want to live-but in order to do that, I must first examine what it is I want from life. My plan is to begin again with the basics, such as daily prayer (morning, evening and mealtimes), weekly Mass, and some Bible reading. I know from experience finding other young adults (early twenties) who take their religious commitments serious once they’ve been made can be a difficult task. I’m hoping my attendance at my new Parish will serve as a meeting place for strong believers. I want to discover the root to my Catholic longings and follow them where they may lead. If Catholicism is right for me, then it will be time well spent. If not, I can at least move on to follow other options as they come into my life.

I hope these forums will prove to be the influence I need!**

Welcome back to the church!

I am a young catholic (I just turned 24) and I converted when I was 21. It’s good to be home!

I envy you in a way. I am on a similar journey of my own, but you have started many years earlier than me. Or at least you are pursuing it with more intensity and direction than I did when I was your age. I have finally made it to that level. And despite the many disagreements I have had with other CAF members and their posts, and what some may think of my viewpoints, being active in these forums has helped me a LOT in my journey to God.

Be more courageous than I was at your age and ask the tough questions, tackle the difficult ideas, speak your mind and express your doubts, seek the answers in everyone and everything. They are there, for as Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is among you.”

Peace and blessings on your quest.

"True religion is real living; living with all one’s soul, with all one’s goodness and righteousness." - Albert Einstein

It really is hard when the world is trying to tell you one thing and your heart is telling you another. I’m 17 and back when I was confirmed I was facing some serious doubts… I believed deep down but had these weird contradictory thoughts all the time, that God must not be real, what if He isn’t, that sort of thing. It all turned out to be growing pains :smiley: For me it was sort of a stage…

But let me tell you being on CAF will help you! You’re definitely in the right place.:smiley:

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