Catholic YouTubers


Which Catholic YouTube channels do you like to watch?

Five for me are:


Does anyone watch Lizzie (I think that is her name)?



Breaking in the Habit (Casey Cole, Friar and Deacon. Being ordained a priest June 2019)

Ascension Presents. Father Mike!


I like Random Catholic Thoughts. Short yet sweet.


Lizzie’s a cutie-patootie. She’s also very new to the Wonderful World if Catholicism, and I hope she perseveres in her faith journey :slightly_smiling_face:

I like to see young women Catholic bloggers.


Others to enjoy

New Catholic Generation

Doug Barry

The Catholic Man Show




Sensus Fidelium

Taylor Marshall

EWTN…The World Over, Pro Life Weekly, Scripture and Tradition, etc.

Catholic Devotions


This guy is a good redneck apologist and is humorous as heck:


Sensus Fidelium
ascension presents with fr mike
word on fire bishop Robert barron

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