Catholicism alone ... conceived, interprets, & protects the New Testament


"Such is the Catholic Church in relation to her OWN BOOK, the New Testament. It is HERS, because SHE WROTE IT by her first Apostles, and PRESERVED IT and GUARDED IT all down the ages by her Popes and Bishops; nobody else has any right to it whatsoever, any more that a stranger has the right to come into your house and break open your desk and pilfer your private documents. Therefore, I say that for people to step in, 1500 years after the Catholic Church had had possession of the Bible, and to pretend that it is theirs, and that THEY ALONE KNOW WHAT THE MEANING of it is, and that the Scriptures alone, without the voice of the Catholic Church explaining them, are intended by God to be the guide and rule of faith — this is an ABSURD AND GROUNDLESS claim. " … 1911, Rt. Rev. Henry Graham

All Christians have a right to their personal opinions, especially since we all know in part.

Perhaps you could finish out Pope Benedict’s quote for us. What did he say in the second part of that sentence ?

hmmm. thought the NT was written by the jews

Although most of the NT.were written by Jewish Christians,two books were written by a greek,The Gospel of St.Luke and the book of Acts.I’m sure you know the NT.was not put together untill a few hundred years after our Lords death and resurrection.That job was assigned to St.Jerome by the Pope.He was instructed to translate the Greek into Latin and submit these books so as to decide which ones would be part of the Canon.

Well, in the sense that we all possess the faculty of reason and free-will, we have our personal opinions, but they can be incorrect. Any interpretation of Scriptures that flies in the face of Catholic doctrine is, by definition, incorrect.

The if qualifer is very important which is similar to what Martin Luther believed about the doctrine of true justification which is manifested in progressive sanctification. They seem to be in agreement that mental assent of the Christain Faith is not enough for a saving faith. Please consider all what Pope Benedict wrote on his teaching on justification by faith alone.

Now your posting is an opinion that is shared only by Catholic Christians. I think Protetstants, Anglicans, Orthodox, and other non-Catholic Christians would have a different opinion that yours.

Cite some M. Luther quotes on … ‘justification, manifested by progressive sanctification’.

“There is no justification without sanctification, no forgiveness without renewal of life, no real faith from which the fruits of new obedience do not grow”. - The Wild Boar

That which is rooted in DISOBEDIENCE … does not yield fruits of sanctification.

They have every right to be wrong. :wink:

Now, why should I concern myself with said other opinions? I might add the only group among the groups you listed that can rightly be called a Church are the Eastern Orthodox since they possess valid Apostolic Succession and Holy Orders.

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