Catholicism and Episcopalianism

I was wondering if anyone here could tell me if there are any books out there that compare and contrast the Catholic Faith and the Episcopalian faith…either that or a conversion story by a former Episcopal priest or something to the Catholic Church. The reason why I am asking this is because my bf is Episcopalian and he is currently exploring different aspects of Christianity…since his foundation is with the Episcopal Church, I thought a book concerning these issues would be helpful to him…any suggestions? Thanks!


The “classic” conversion account would be “Apologia Pro Vita Sua” (“An explanation of my life” - the title is Latin but the book is in English) by John Henry Cardinal Newman, who was a highly respected Anglican clergyman who “defected” to Rome. This book is VERY intellectual, however (I found it tedious - though rewarding - reading, even though I regard myself as an intellegent intellectual sort of guy).

Prehaps, though, it is not the best idea to hand him a book. Maybe a better approach would be to ask this person to identify the one particular Catholic doctrine that is most troubling to him. Because the Episcopal church is (superficially, at least) very similar to the Catholic Church. But there are distinctive “Catholic” beliefs that cannot be found within Anglicanism. Ask him to pick his “main” gripe and show why the Episcopal church is correct about it.

For me (a former Episcolpalean whose dad was an Episcopal priest), the “main” issue was the Papacy - I found I could not disprove the Church’s position about this doctrine, and I was thus essentially “forced” to become Catholic. His “gripe” may be something different, but whatever it is, if he looks into it with an honest and open heart, he will see that the truth of the matter favors Rome, and once he comes to that conclusion, where else can he go?

I see David beat me to it—I was going to suggest Newman’s “Apologia Pro Vita Sua”.

Have you heard of the Journey Home program on EWTN? It is about former Protestants, especially ministers, conversion to the Catholic faith. Here’s some conversion stories of former Episcopal priests/ministers which may be helpful to you. God bless!

Alvin Kimel Jr., a recent convert to the Catholic faith, was an Anglican priest before his conversion. My Road to Rome
by Alvin Frank Kimel, Jr.Fr. Kimel’s website, Pontifications, is worth perusing, especially if one is interested in what is happening in the Anglican world.

Welcome home Fr. Kimel. :slight_smile:

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