Catholicism and Hinduism

How does the Church view the Hindu religion and it’s polytheistic nature?

to be fair Hinduism is not strictly polytheistic. Each ‘‘god’’ is a representation or incarnation of the one supreme being, Brahman. Thats what I was told anyway (My neighbour is a Hindu priest). And as far as I know the Church (post Vatican II) teaches that most other religions contain ‘‘seeds of truth’’. Probably not very helpful but thats all I know on the views of the Church.

The church SHOULD accept the hindu religion. do you?

What do you mean by accept?

Well I don’t that much about Hinduism to make any sort of judgment. :confused:

The ‘‘problem’’ with hinduism with regard to whether or not it can be accepted is that it is more a collection of similar belief systems (again getting this from hindu friends). As I said, with the ‘‘seeds of truth’’ belief it is basically that certain beliefs (compassion, tolerance, etc) are compatible with Catholic belief, others such as numerous incarnations of the one supreme being, reincarnation, are incompatible. Correct me if I’m wrong but by ‘‘seeds of truth’’ the Church means that, like all other religions, Hinduism is a search for truth and in that respect is incomplete.

Seeds of truth is some elements of it is base on truth. For example, Gilamesh has an account of the Flood similair to Noah’s flood. Gilamesh itself is untie since it is pagan story.

Hinduism has some true but the belief of reincarnation and worship of many gods is false. The holy true religion is the Catholic Church.

[quote=LDNCatholic]What do you mean by accept?

My question, too. Please clarify, Wammy, as simply and non-emotionally as possible, please. :slight_smile:

And for starr, the Catholic Church regards all non-Catholic religions as expressions of the search for God and therefore of some value for the truths they contain. However, the Church teaches that the fullness of the truth about God and man subsists within the Catholic Church.

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