Catholicism and Mormonism


I like to go on youtube every once in a while. I recently found a man who puts up videos about Mormonism. He is an ExMormon and is now ‘born-again’

He isn’t bad, however he rubs me the wrong way when he compares Mormonism and Catholicism. To the point that the Pope is like the Prophet.

I don’t know why but I don’t understand the ‘save’ the Catholics thing and how we are simular to Mormons. Ahhh it just frustrates me. Please understand it really feels like he is attacking the church.

Here are the videos

I haven’t watched the videos, but if you what you say is true, this man should be extraordinarily embarrassed to have compared the pope with the Mormon Prophet.

The Prophet is considered by his religion to be able to receive new revelation from God.

The Catholic Church, by contrast, acknowledges publicly binding divine revelation to have been completed with the death of the last Apostle in the early second century.

As such, the pope cannot claim to receive new revelation from God. He is empowered to interpret the deposit of faith and preserve the unity of Christ’s Church. Any pope that claimed he could add new revelation would be a manifest heretic.

This hysterical, typically American urban legend that Catholics harbor this kind of superstitious, cult-like devotion to papal teachings has been living long enough. It’s time for it to die a swift death at the hands of everything that doesn’t positively reek of ignorance and anti-Catholic bigotry.

Don’t watch it. Being “born again” won’t save anyone. He is just as likely to go to hell as the “mormons and catholics” that he claims. We know the Truth is only found in its fullness in Christ’s One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Outside of that and 99% of signs show that there is no salvation. It’s not our place to say which is why I say 99%. It’s up to Christ at that point, but still. I would rather do my best being in a Church I know 100% is True and what Christ wants (since He created it after all) as opposed to rolling the dice when the odds are almost infinitely stacked against me in any other church or religion.

I only watched the first one (will try to get to the others at some point) but my impression was that this guy wasn’t really anti-Catholic at all. He compared the Catholic Church to the LDS church from the view point that Mormons claim that we should know they are the true church because of their fruits. After showing the “Come Home” advertisement put out by the Catholic Church fairly recenlty, he made the point that if you are going to claim to be the one, true church on the basis of the good works a church has done then the Catholic Church surpasses the LDS church many times over, to put it mildly. I thought he actully made a good point. If good works are the standard by which the one, true Church is determined then you had better become Catholic because the Mormon church falls dramatically below the bar.

As far as is personal faith view is concerned, that may be another thing altogether.

Perhaps, however I feel differently. I have watched all the videos and do not feel the same way about him.

My first thought is, he needs a better placed microphone. :smiley:

From his first video, I think his point is that good works are not indicators of good fruits, whether they are Mormon good works or Catholic good works. Other than that one comparison to Catholicism, he focuses on Mormonism. The knock-out, pow, take that Mormons made me laugh.

From the second video, whoa, now a cowboy hat and shaved face. His point is ironic, in that he is saying “codified” religion requires a certain belief, and then proceeds to codify. He says he doesn’t know much about Catholicism. So there you go.

The third video, well, he lost me in the first 30 seconds.

The fourth video, your basic argument that Catholics believe we’re saved by good works and religion interfering with a relationship with Christ. Plenty of threads here on those points. Anti-Catholic? eh. More along the lines of he’s against what he thinks about Catholicism, not what Catholicism is.

Yeah, Shawn McRaney (sp?) He’s a nice enough guy. Glad he’s done some good for Mormons who leave. He helped me out a lot when I first left. But he’s not right about Catholicism for sure.

The Pope is our earthly shepard who tends his flock. He’s the Holy See which “sees” after all the sanity left in the world. Is he a prophet? I would say no and many would agree. Since I have a soul I can’t lie and say Joseph Smith was a prophet. I have the highest hope that he was just a man with good intentions for the world, but unfortunately he sinned against the Lord and lied about spiritual encounters and prophecies.

Yeah, I guess you’re right. If I thought the Church claimed the pope could receive new publicly binding revelation, I’d be against her too.

It just irritates me, because it’s so not true.

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