Catholicism by Fr. Robert Barron

We are starting the Catholicism course by Fr. Robert Barron next week at my parish. I am very excited for this! Has anybody else here already began taking the course? Did you enjoy it? What was your experience?

Our singles group is watching it – I think we’re on Session 4 (maybe 5). It’s AMAZING. The content is wonderful, but the sites that they visit are even more amazing. You’ll thoroughly enjoy it!!!

I brought the box set DVDS. 86% Great production

It is wonderful! I didn’t take a course…I bought the DVD’s myself and do not regret it. Since then, some of my adult children have seen it, and several of my grandchildren. Then I asked the group I belong to that does spiritual book studies if they wanted to try seeing one, and they liked it so much in the following nine weeks we saw all of it!

It is very inspiring and a treat for the eyes. Father Barron’s talks throughout the series add very much to the great beauty of the art, architecture, and beautiful scenery from all over the world.

In case this little suggestion takes root somewhere (due to its “planting” in this fertile ground). I would like to “submit for your consideration” (Holy Father) Fr. Robert Barron’s name as part of my own personal:

"Oughtta be a Bishop" pile.

Others (at the moment) include Fr. Robert Spitzer, Fr. Marcel Guarnizo, and Fr. Frank Pavone.

The reasons range from “great enthusiastic teacher,” and “principled leader who does the tough thing when it’s hard …” to

“He’s done such a good job for so long with such good results and in the right spirit that - THIS man ought to ordain other priests to the lasting benefit of the Church!” :slight_smile:

I’ve enjoyed Father Barron’s series - what I’ve seen of it. Ditto for the programs of Fr. Spitzer and Fr. Pavone.

Fr. Guarnizo’s stand in defense of the Eucharist is similar to Monsignor Kevin Vann’s prior to the time Vann was ordained a Bishop then promoted to lead the Diocese of Orange (County) California’s 1.2 million Catholics.

I own the DVDs and I’ve really enjoyed it. I could listen to Fr Barron all day long.

Father is a genius. I absolutely love the shows (running on EWTN).:slight_smile:

Father Robert Barron is a great gift to the Church!

Our youth group (ages 13-17) is doing this study on Fr. Barron’s Catholicism series - LOVE IT. It really has some great discussion questions, and we have had some great discussions come out of the series.

We are on session 4 - just did the section on talking to Athiests. Couldn’t recommend a better study…and the background music to the DVD’s? *AMAZING! * :smiley:

I’m watching it at my parish too. We only have 2 episodes left and I’ve enjoyed every single one. It’s beautifully shot and his discussion is so thought provoking and inspiring.

He shows the great universality that is the Catholic Church.

He makes me proud to be a Catholic.

“Si comprehendes, non est Deus!”

“Si comprehendes, non est Deus!”

We just studied this. Thank you for reminding me of it - I had forgotten this quote.

God bless,

Chloe M

That course is badly needed here in Asia.

It’s a good series. They now have a blu-ray version out.

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