Catholicism for Dummies books

I just received Catholicism and Mass for dummies books and ‘Why do Catholics do that?’ and I find them a great reference for a person like myself that isn’t a great reader. I’m just getting back into the faith after a few years of being Lukewarm.

I also read the booklet from Catholic Answers, ‘Mass Appeal The ABC’s of Worship’ which is a great reference also.

I’ve been struggling with my faith lately, so hopefully these books will help me renew it.


You may also want to buy Everything Catholicism by Helen Keeler and Susan Grimbly.

Welcome home!!! :smiley:

Great to hear that you are coming to know the faith better. It seems like once we get started learning, there is no end to the great blessings available to us.


Why do Catholics do that? is a great book. It is not so much an evangelistic book, but rather one that addresses some less mainstream ideas (disciplines, not doctrines) of the faith which may seem mildly weird or arbitrary, and which one might be uncomfortable with. It shows how these ideas came into being and how they are compatible with the whole of the faith. Helps to demonstrate the intellectual unity and coherence of a faith with 2000 years of complexity both in its elucidation of doctrine and in its development of discipline.

Catholic for Dummies is a great book for learning about the faith or if you are dealing with keeping it .Hope you enjoy it.

Actually, you should steer as far away from Everything Catholicism as possible. It does not present valid, orthodox Catholic teachings but instead states things like the Church allows you to support abortion and that the Church doesn’t have any solid teachings on issues like women in the priesthood and gay marriage. I bought this without realizing what garbage it was. My wife wanted me to sell it to a used bookstore. I tossed it in the trash instead.

Catholicism for Dummies is great, however. It played a huge role in my return to my faith.

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