Catholicism & History


Recently I had a conversation with a good Protestant friend of mine, and one of his main objections to Catholicism was that the Catholic Church had “changed and distorted history” throughout the centuries.

He went on to say that since the Catholic monks were the only ones who could read/write and record the facts of the world, they distorted everything to a pro-Catholic stance. Thus all of the western world’s history is completely biased, etc, etc.

I have my own ideas of what to reply back, but before I did, I wanted to hear what anyone else had to say about the matter. So… what do you guys have to say about all of this? Thanks!


Your friend is wrong. The claims of the Catholic Church are well rooted in history, and her doctrines can be traced to the earliest times, well before there were monks and the monastic life.

Your friend might want to read The Faith of the Early Fathers:

The ball is in his court to prove that a point of doctrine was distorted from the faith handed on by Christ and the apostles.

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