Catholicism, Holy Orders, and Role Play

Well, here it is. I’ve been wondering this one more and more frequently lately.

I’m an avid roleplayer; I use it to develop new characters for my solo writing or to simply gain a bit of entertainment without melting my brain completely. One character I have in particular has been bothering me of late.

I’ve had a character since well before I started conversion (I’m not yet baptized… soon, though), who is a Roman Catholic Priest. The setting is an old RPG made by White Wolf called, ironically, World of Darkness, and, accordingly, many of the other characters in the game are your usual supernatural baddies (ghosts, werewolves, vampires… I think there was a demon or two, but they are largely ignored and hated by everyone else), and a part of the character’s background was being a vampire hunter of a fictional order, blah blah blah.

However, recently, especially since I started coming into an awareness of Christ and his Church, the nature of my priest (Let’s call him Father Steven) has been changing. Steven left his order and returned to his benedictine roots, founding a community in Santa Monica with other monks and priests of the Benedictine order. As well, he’s taken on a sort of charitible role which includes ministering to the supernatural creatures, as opposed to hunting them.

How doomed am I for doing this?

Actually impersonating a priest would be a very serious offence against Church law, but this game certainly doesn’t sound like it involves that (you aren’t trying to seriously convince anyone that you are personally an actual priest).

The idea of a priest hunting evil supernatural creatures doesn’t sound that bad to me. I’m not sure about ministering to them, depending on the details of the situation. Certainly I’d think pretending to “minister” to demons would be something you wouldn’t want to get into even just in a fantasy context. If the werewolves, vampires, etc. in this fantasy continue to ultimately be human beings with free wills and a possibility for conversion, then ministering to them might be an appropriate venture for a priest in this universe.

Really I don’t know enough about the game to say much, but if you feel uncomfortable with it maybe it’s time to move on to a different pastime.

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