"Catholicism is a male dominated religion..."


I know a 13 yr-old boy whose parents were never married. The father is now trying his best to form his son in a Catholic friendly kind of Christianity. The boy was really confused and hurt when his mother told him, on occasion of the pope’s recent visit, that Catholicism is a male dominated religion which keeps women suppressed. What would you say to that boy?


I’d print out this and give it to him.


Sure, Christ himself was the original oppressor of women. :rolleyes:

I’d say that the Apostles were a male-dominated group as well.

It’s going to be difficult to counter what momma has the chance to poison him with. :frowning:


Such things are often said by those who have been tainted by anti-Catholic bigotry. However, such persons also in tadem criticize the honor given to the Blessed Mother. How can this make any sense? God chose a woman, fashioned her to be the perfect Ark through which He would enter the world. He could have appeared upon earth fully grown as a man if He wanted. Instead, he chose to be born of a woman. How much more can womanhood be sanctified?


Tell him the first person to see the Risen Christ was a woman (who then got the lousy job of trying to get the news thru to the Apostles).


It would be a rare 13 year old who would bother to read all of that. :hypno:


I’d unapologetically say that any good civilization or institution is male-dominated, although women are not suppressed in the Church but treated specially and held in the highest regard.

I would probably also explain why his mother should not be believed in this matter. In other words, explain to him why she is mistaken. The boy is old enough to realize that his parents are not infallible.


It is important that the father and son recognize that this can (and has been said) by nearly all areas of religion (no aspect of Christianity is spared) as well as many societies thru all of time.

It is based on a certain amount of truth.

What needs to be said depends on what the goal of the father is - I am not sure that ‘Catholic friendly’ has any real meaning in terms of discussion here.


By holding her in the highest esteem of any created being, male or female, and the title Queen of Heaven, among others. :slight_smile:


male dominated this is another of the so boring new age nonsense smear…lets see…I taught at a Catholic HS for 30 years…there was one priest who was principal…and a priest who was chaplain…and there were two orders of nuns…sisters,Mercy and Dominican who had convents on either side of the building and taught at the school about 50 of them…the sisters had more influence over the kids then the two priests…what a bunch of hate mongering…RCC male dominated etc…outside of the parents,its teachers who influnence kids more…and since teaching nuns dominate in RCC schools…hey…who are you kidding? This type of statement is made to cause problems and further doubts about the only True Church…oops…cant use that statement on this site…lets give the haters their due…wonder if in secular humanistic publications we can question their values…big joke…I cant get my letters published in Long Islands Newsday.the only daily covering some 5 million population…and so it goes…


Sanctification is not at issue here.

The BVM may not be the best one to point to as she was a special case with unrepeatable circumstances and tasks.


Interesting question… but unfounded…
Look at Catholicism vs any other protestant denomination… which one HONORS a woman more than any other? The Blessed Virgin Mary is the most honored woman in history!..


I’d say that The Catholic Church has been championing the cause of dignity and education of women for 2000 years.


This is based purely upon an atheistic power struggle viewpoint, as someone outside the Church sees value in power and influence, not in humble obedience.

Religion and Salvation is about God not really about how we serve ourselves. So the counter to this is to point out the the Blessed Mother is held up as the model follower of Christ for all of us. A woman is held up as the model of holiness.

People concerned about power in Catholicism are not seeking to follow God but to remake God’s religion in their image of seeking pleasure and power. We submit to God to please Him and allow Him to change us, just like the Blessed Mother was made for Him. We allow God to make ourselves for God.

Now if we look at religion as something we do for selfish reasons such as pleasure or power then she does have a point. Women can’t always do what they want just like men can’t always do what we want. No matter how much we cloak it in beautiful words it usually comes down to selfish desire for pleasure or power.

We see women saying they want to serve as Priests, hmm… This is born out of pure hatred for what Christ set up and not out of an unselfish desire for humble service, or they would be seeking to be serving as mothers, sisters or contemplatives, etc…

It would be important to point out the denial of God that goes on when people say things like Christianity oppresses women, as this will put into perspective the real desire for the people making the accusations. Not to serve God, but to serve self.

In Christ

(unfortunately there are some within the Church that deny God in this way, by portraying the Church not as serving God first, but people first)


I’m sure many would accuse Jesus of the same thing.


It is not about ‘honoring’.


Do you have access to back up documentation on that?


What do you mean by this?

God Bless


I grew up in that tension as well, my mother was a fallen away Protestant and my dad was a Catholic trying to get me to at least look into the faith. The reality of it is, that usually young men at the preteen level will side with their father much easier anyway. I work in youth ministry now and the way I approach these tougher questions now is by giving them the official answer from the Church. Then tell him about the different sides of the debate as well. I know some people may disagree with this but kids these days are different.


If it was a 13 year old girl maybe she would be offended,but a 13 year old boy hearing that this church values him because of his gender?
Really is he going to be offended?
I don’t think so.

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