"Catholicism is just perfect... for you, that is."


Even if I give a poor witness of Christ in my life, other people do notice the good that the Church has done for me. And they very well may observe, “Wow, that works so well… for you.” They’re not quite convinced enough that the Bride of Christ holds anything for them, though.

I kind of see this (in reverse) when it comes to sexual sins as well. If I reveal that sexual release outside of marriage (i.e., the solitary vice, in this case) has brought me more trouble than any lasting benefit, someone still may advise “You need to get laid,” regardless of what I say. :stuck_out_tongue: (If they mean “You need to get married,” I’d firmly agree, but it’s pretty clear they just mean “have intercourse, and your problems evaporate.”)

So what is our reply to situations like these? :shrug:


Sexual relations are sacred, at least to us (devout Catholics), and to have them outside of marriage would be to degrade something beautiful. I’ll wait. (That is what I would say, rather lightly, if someone told me I needed to “get laid.”)


Ask them if it would do any good if a pregnancy resulted. Would that help your problems.

People act so dumb now like they don’t know what makes babies. Problem is they don’t care with the ease of getting abortions. Shameful.


Bleh; relativism.


Excellent point and shameful it is indeed.



If the “someone” is truly a friend, I would give them a meaningful response full of the wisdom of the Church’s teachings on morality and holiness that Jesus has called us to. If, on the other hand, this retort is coming from an acquaintance who does not have my welfare at heart, I might reply with a zinger like “Yes, I can see how much good your philosophy is doing for your life” and smile.:thumbsup:


Explain to them that according to the Catechism, there is more to the 6th Commandment than just avoiding adultery. Show them the passages if the situation warrants. Then tell them this is what you believe and what you try to live by even if you stumble. They will probably be like “Wow, that’s an awful lot of rules!” :eek: Say yes, but that they all lead to the same goal of purity, and that purity is a worthwhile goal and a positive one, not just a buzzkill as so many think. Then point out that fornication would leave you just as miserable as the other sin, just in a different way - and even more complicated since another person would be involved, and that life is complicated enough without that! :sad_yes:


I guess if we’re me, I’d say the easy way out is usually not easy nor the way out.

As someone here all ready stated, fornication has a whole host of very nasty miserable side effects… But it has nothing to do with sex itself, but the context in which it is used…
Oh and that goes for within marriage too.

It’s been said also that orgasm is the closest thing to heaven a person can experience on earth in this life… So much so it was dubbed le petit mort, or in English the little death. I’ve also heard it said that the man utilizing prostitutes is really searching for God.


I’ve never heard anyone say that someone needs to “get laid” in any context that even closely resembles genuine advice. In every instance I’ve heard it said, it’s been in an insulting, degrading manner, and doesn’t even merit a response.


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