Catholicism, New World Order, Witchcraft and Satanism

Let’s discuss a very serious topic! I am by no means acknowledging or supporting any debate in this forum. Rather, I’d like to view your input regarding this issue. If your a said member of any of the society, state so.

I’ve spoken to several priests and the Catholic church ( though not sure if officially) has acknowledge the existence of people call empaths. Empaths are defined as people who have a sensitivity for other people’s emotions.

If we can acknowledge the existence of empaths, psychics, demonic possesion among soothsayers, witches, warlocks, druids and so on then surely we can dwell into the area of the New World Order.

At first it might seem like a fairy tail but believing the Church, the resurrection of Jesus and His triumph over Lucifer means nothing if we don’t acknowledge this supernatural world - the spiritual.

I’d like to separate the lies from the truth. The New World Order (New Age) believes in consecrating the said members to Lucifer through a One-Card system. Dictatorship. The lie given is that Christians are condemning and that in order to save man, we must unite all religions as one. But they have an inner motive of destroying the Catholic Church / Jesus Christ.

Rather than this being a debate, I’d like to kind of unite our knowledge (in a non-New-Agey way) regarding this issue. I’d hate to do further research on bias sites.

Here are the list of spirits good and bad) that I’ve encountered and approved by priests:

**#1 - Evangelization **
In the Church and many religious orders there lives a Holy Spirit charism called evangelization. This allows a said person to speak words and hit the souls of the spectator. Usually by a warm prescence is indicated by the Holy Spirit. Others becomes feeble minded as the abuse (mimic). To distinguish what is of God’s and what’s not is the warm vs cold spirit. Cold = without God, Warm = God. There are other mimicking spirits that mimic the warmness through anxiety, fear and something similar.

**#2 - Encouragement and Discernment **
There is the spirit of God that dwells within a person to give encouragements whenever a person is in tribulation. This is called the charism of encouragement. The charism of encouragement is accompanied by the charism of discernment. For God only gives you good news and does not put you in anxiety. It subdues you with peace.

On the contrary there is another spirit that mimics this warm spirit and gives flattering encouragement that promotes the person to be pitied, felt sorry, pardoned for their sin and likewise feeling bad in the end. This spirit is not of God and puts the person in fear. Clairvoyance is also mimicking the spirit of the Holy Ghost’s Discernment in which it predicts events with accuracy though not the intended information God provides.

Long story short = God’s spirit will deliver you the messages that God intends you to hear. God will never put you at stress or anxiety. He will subdue you with conviction (which is a desire to seek better things) and peace. For example, God’s spirit will tell you that you have to pray for a person who you saw last week as being too submissive (false humility) to authority. You feel this sorrow for this person, not pity, but seeing their good works. The spirit leads you to pray for them because you want to. On the other hand, the spirit that is not of God will put you in fear (condemnation) as you pray.

#3 Control Spirit (withcraft + Jezebel)
The spirit of control induces fear, lust, unworthiness, vengeance, flattery/pride. This spirit is also known as the spirit of witchcraft of Jezebel’s spirit.

It operates with the following functions:
Host spirit = Jezebels = Wolves
– Has two forms: victim | predator
– Goal: Blot out the name of Jesus
– Power (feeding with): attention, torture pleasure, feels good after exercising authority.

Victims: Eunichs, Ahabs
– Their victims are classified as slaves. Once a soul tie has been established, the person becomes either a Eunich or an Ahab. A eunich is the worst of slaves serving the queen with all her wishes and knowing her as the authority. The Ahab is a trusting slave, who is a higher position than the queen but is basically a proxy for the queen’s leadership.
– The jezebel is not always a female. Her spirit exists in men or women.
– BOth the victims are left empty (spiritually drained) or in New Age termed (energy-drained by vampires)
– The eunich and ahab cannot proceed with their life until the queen commands for them to move.

Rival: Jehu
– Breaking the soul tie is as simple as saying “I don’t want to do anything with you.” Cutting all ties and closing doors is an example of this and provides no reign of the queen to you.

I’d like more information on the New World Order.

They believe that there is this reptilian draco God and hybrids in earth. Similar to the nephalim concept. The story sounds fictional. So does the story of the bible. But I’d like to demystify this issue.

They also believe in Satanic Ritual Abuse or Mind Control programming in which the victim is tortured and exposed to severe trauma that causes multiple personalities within the victim. There are certain triggers that use a variety of sound, phrases, stress and other methods (including cell phone towers and brain implants) that trigger. Could this method be in relation to the Jezebel spirit?

The victim is treated as a computer program - a robot (different from the New Age concept of Robots who are never satisfied with their life). The robot is basically in fear of reaching deep level 9 which is a near-death experience and must comply with the “programmers” or “master’s” request in which they won’t be tortured.

It was said that back in World War II the CIA and the Nazis did severe research on this topic.

Time to add, demistify and tackle this topic.


Why is it time to add, demistify and tackle this topic?

I personaly would not mind knowing and understanding this better myself but I would have no idea as to were to begin and I am not even sure that there really is anything mistifying about it.

Maybe a clarification as to what you meen by mistifying would giv eme a better understanding of what you are talking about?.

It’s not specifically the “time” as in “time to right now”.

It’s more of “Lets discuss this now!”, “time to talk about this topic”.

What are the truths and fallacies in what I just wrote is what I meant by demystifying.


My question is what is it you hope to accomplish in this discussion and what will be the benefit of discussing it?

Hmm, I’d be very careful about dabbling in such things. Evil has a way of fascinating us, of leading us deeper with rationalizations that it’s just about knowledge, or about wanting to do good (the old Doctor Faustus story.) I’d stick to what the Church and the Bible teach, and leave speculations to people, such as exorcists, who have first-hand experience of the spirit world.

That is only obvious - awareness and insight.

People must inform themselves in this day and age. There are 200 exorcists in north america. OTOH thousands of demons…at least thousands…

I love how no one actually contributed…

All I can contribute is the NWO is real. I found a few of their pamphlets at my grandpas funeral. They pretend to be Christians but I doubt it. It seems like they are trying facilitate the end times if you pay attention when reading their brochures.

edit; also - demonic activity is rampant right now for some reason. You are now more likely to die from a suicide than a car accident…

I can’t help but laugh at them - their tricks are so childish and see-through. For such an old intelligent “order” of creatures they sure are tactless.


Quid pro quo. ??? Is the [de-mystifying] an attempt at lessening the dangers of such matters?

Know your enemy…

Christ never said anything about not educating yourself on evil…


this is not my point of contention. I am asking if the attempt is at lessening the danger that these occult matters truely pose.

I believe I have a lot of questions but you have so much packed into your first post and after reading the first two I am already finding the second one to contradict the first so I am really lost as to how to even address everything you have in your post so I thought I would try starting small and maybe growing up to everything you have in it.
Please bear with me…

*I am not sure what you are saying here. Are you saying that a warm presence is experienced by the spectator when he hears the words from the religious who is evangelizing? And is the spectator only to believe the religious if they feel this warm presence?
To me, the spectator, the religious have and do say things to me that I know are Truth and words that come from the Holy Spirit whether or not I get a warm presence from the religious.

Also the only fear that I know that causes me anxiety is a cold fear. The kind that makes your blood run could.
The awesome fear and trembling I get in knowing God’s Love fills me with a warmth. So are you saying that this is a mimicking Spirit and the Holy Spirit would never let me know a warm and loving God and this warm love I have for God does not come form the Holy Spirit but from a mimicking spirit?

I hope that is a good place to start.

Also the only group I hope and pray i belong to is Catholicism…but I am not well educated enough in it to know for sure…In the other three I have never taken the time to explore or get to know about it. All i know about it is through others form them talking about it or reading snap shots about it here and there…*.

Personally I hope it is to draw a distinction between them…to know what really is Witchcraft and what really is Satanic and what really is considered New Age and how it is or is not different from Catholicism.
I fargot to add…How it all does or does not fit into the New World Order idea.

All right… let me see if I understand what the original poster was saying.

  1. Original poster claims to have special sensitivity to the emotions of others. Poster thinks this is either psychic or charismatic in nature. (Of course, poster could just be a sensitive, observant, intuitive sort of person; or the poster could be mistaken. Neither we nor the poster have any proof about this.)

  2. Poster has noticed that some people are believable and sincere and preach the truth, while other people are lying jerks with a creepy personality. (I don’t think anybody will argue this one!) Similarly, the poster notices that some thoughts and ideas are truthful and consistent with the Gospel, while others are lies. (Again, obviously true.)

  3. Poster then breaks into the “demons control everybody bad” and “lizard-men live among us” stuff, as an explanation of why there are tares sprouting among the wheat.

#3 is where the poster loses me.

Obviously, there are such things as demons, and giving yourself over to evil probably includes letting demons play with your head. But lizardmen? No.

Also, I don’t think we need to assume that demons are responsible for everything bad in the world. Humans are quite capable of being demonically evil, all by themselves.

There have always been tares among the wheat, and there always will be, until the Last Judgment cleans the tares out of the world.

The poster is obviously interested in “discernment of spirits.” Very good! I recommend St. Ignatius of Loyola on this topic (his two sets of “Rules for Discernment” in the Spiritual Exercises) as well as St. John of the Cross (particularly his book The Ascent of Mount Carmel). The Catholic Encyclopedia has recommendations also.

Too many variables,

I use the KISs principal…all that stuff is evil…Lucifer’s doctrine of demons.

nolo tangere

Here is my take on it for what it is worth. This is a vastly complex area which could warrant volumes of books on the subject so I will only give a very brief snapshot of my thinking.

There is basically the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness, the former Christ’s and the latter, Satan’s. Whatever is contrary to Christ’s Kingdom essentially belongs to Satan’s.

Satan down the centuries has constantly changed tack in his efforts to deveive the world. If you look at the history of the occult and satanism you will see how it has been presented, then revised and adapted and repackaged ad infinitum. Satan recognises Man’s inherent religiosity. Even though this age is one of widespread unbelief in Christ and His Gospel, Man’s inherent spirituality persists. Satan knows this and being the master counterfeiter that he is he puts out this New Age fraud, mixing a lot of error with just enough of the truth in it, to dupe and suck people in.

For example, many well intentioned people believe in respecting the environment and cherishing it and this is completely compatible with our Catholic/Christian obligation to honour and respect all of God’s creation. However the New Age belief system substitutes the love and worship of God with the love and worship of “mother earth” thus editing God out of the picture. Thus people are led astray. They may not believe they are in the camp of the Kingdom of Darkness and may believe their views are benign and noble, but in rejecting Christ and elevating nature to a god-like status, they are in fact serving Satan. The New Age belief system is essentially pagan.

Witchcraft is strictly forbidden by God and for very good reason as human beings dabble with satan and his demons at their peril. Satan would have you believe that witchcraft enables one to control dark forces to do one’s bidding. This is a lie as satan and even his demons retain their Angelic status though fallen and are vastly more intelligent and powerful than any number of Einsteins or Newtons put together. You will invariably start of believing you are in control but will soon discover that it is they who call the shots. For any “power” satan and his demons may seem to grant, he will exact a very high price to be paid in either insanity, suicide or some other catastrophic event. It never ends well. The New Age and occult appeal to impressionable, often young people and those who for some reason feel disempowered in life. The occult holds out the (false) promise of wresting some power back and wielding it. Modern society and culture’s fascination with ouija boards, demonic possession, exorcism, vampires etc. on TV and in the cinema can lure the unwary into danger.

Unlike the spotty teenager dabbling with tarot cards in her bedroom with a few of her friends, there are some people who are deep into the occult. These are people you would never guess in a million years. They occupy powerful positions in the media, banking and finance, politics, commerce, entertainment and even the church!!! They are outwardly respectable and may even appear God-fearing and upstanding on the surface but in truth they have thrown their lot in with Satan because of greed, lust, desire for power, wealth etc. They believe that by alligning themselves with Satan they can attain all these things as it is within Satan’s gift to grant them if it suits him. But at a price. These people are what is known as the perfectly possessed. They are fully aware of the trade and freely consent to it.

Have you ever wondered why the media is awash with violence, pornography, death, voices clamouring for the promotion of abortion, euthanasia etc. as laudable, “human” rights to be aspired to and every other anti-Christian abomination going? These people are in the vanguard of the culture of death and fully signed up and paid up agents of the Kingdom of Darkness. They may even live in your neighbourhood, shop at your store and worship alongside you at church.

At this very minute, these people are busy preparing the ground for the coming of THE Antichrist, whenever that may be. Before he comes the groundwork needs to be done - society needs to be sufficiently dechristianised, the masses need to be debased and degraded so as to accept debauchery as normal and people and politics/economics etc. need to be manipulated into being a favourable climate for Antichrist’s arrival which may take place tomorrow or in 100 or 200 years. Who knows? What we do know is IT WILL HAPPEN. It is a question of when not if. The Antichrist may not be among us in person just now but his spirit has been with us since the dawn of the age and many antichrists have been prefigured throughout history.

Got to stop now. Could go on for pages. Hope this helps.

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I can buy into much of what you said maybe not all…

I really don’t understand why Satan would want revelations to begin - this involves a couple thousand years of being chained up followed by torment for him…

What could possibly be the motive :shrug:

I’m not saying he doesn’t want it to happen I am saying I don’t know why he would…

Because Satan is absolutely convinced that he can dethrone God and take His place. Such is his pride and arrogance.

In addition to this he is blinded by hate to a degree that is humanly unimaginable. People do not necessarily make wise decisions or act in their own best interests when consumed by hatred. The same is true for Satan. So intense is his malice, so furious is his rage at all that is good, beautiful, pure and true and so bent is he on destruction of all that God created - for God saw that it was good - that he cannot restrain himself. He literally hates God and humanity with every “fibre” of his being. His very essence is HATE.

This is the paradox. Were Satan to achieve his aim and destroy all of creation, that includes every last man, woman and child on earth, his raison d’etre would cease to exist. He would become “unemployed”. But no matter and we cannot comprehend; such is his utterly perverted, twisted, evil nature that he is Hell bent on doing so.

Well you see the thing is I’m pretty sure he knows he lost already…

When the Lord was here the demons sure recognized that fact and asked if they were to be tormented before “the time”.

So if he knows he lost - wouldn’t he want to draw this out for as long as possible?

I guess the blinded by hate theory might be the closest thing to an answer we will be able to comprehend for now.

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