Catholicism Series from Fr. Barron

Father Barron is definitely a wonderful person and is doing a lot for evangelization.

I’m really excited about this!! When will it be showing on PBS?


I don’t see any indication on their site or on PBS there are any plans to show it there.

from my understanding parishes or dioceses get to gether to order the program for screening in their locations under a license, and purchase study materials separately. It is not cheap so we won’t be doing it (even though I am salivating) unless diocese decides to help sponsor it.

I don’t see anything on ewtn either, although it may be offered later in the fall

well… time to petition maryland public television. :o :frowning: … and to write my parish!

we are lobbying with local PBS which is operated by the diocese, but they have very little money to buy or produce non-PBS programming

Three months ago, they announced that the Chicago public television station WTTW would air four (out of ten) episodes and also make them available for national distribution. Here is the WTTW press release:

Just recently, Catholic News Agency ran an article which said that the series would be aired on 80 PBS stations. I’m a bit dubious about that announcement since 80 stations would be close to all of PBS affiliated broadcasters. The article also doesn’t provide dates or make clear whether all ten episodes will be shown, or simply the four which WTTW is airing. And, as Annie points out, there is no parallel announcement on the website of the series. But, regardless, here is the CNA article:

According to one of the trailers on the site it apparently coming to EWTN and PBS Stations. It also says in the overview that’s supposed to be “Online” :confused:

If you want to check for yourself, go to the site homepage, click on the tab ‘watch’ and scroll down to the video screencap showing a list (it’s the tenth one down from the top).

I know for sure there’s a preview of this being held at WYD right now in Spain, Madrid.

I hope that what I’ve said is confirmed soon by other news articles! I also hope that the series is released on DVD in the regular market! Right now it’s not listed in the products list.

Let’s hope this is all true!

Quick update!

The official site of EWTN just yesterday began announcing their new program line-up for Fall 2011! It was aired as a program yesterday today and will aired again during the next week!

Perhaps “Catholicism” is one of these programs? :wink:

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