Catholicism, the most balance religion

Neither Sola Scripture nor Sola traditions. When it comes to adopting other cultures, this religion neither resists it nor become too adoptive that it loses its purity. This religion neither with against all authority nor reign with dictatorship.

This is a beautiful religion, this is the religion that could fulfill both the faith and the mind.

I love the Catholic Church!

The Catholic Church is very beautiful.:slight_smile:

I am home for good :thumbsup:

Catholicism’s greatest strength is also it’s weakness: Free Will. Free Will to choose good over evil is more empowering than being forced to submit. It’s insulting if the majority of humans are seen as greedy children who cannot be trusted with Free Will, whom will go astray if given the chance. Unfortunately it is also this Free Will that causes many to be blind to See how this pop culture has Reduced people into an addiction for shallow amusements that don’t offer lasting peace and depth. If only more people could find the depths of romantic, True Love instead of pop culture’s promotion of shallow lust and drugs, families could stay together to find a life that is deeper, more challenging, and more fulfilling than can be imagined. We have the Free Will to slowly decrease our exposure to it, and we must, in order to find a deeper Love.


It is in our practice of the beautiful Catholic faith that we can express the beautiful gift of life that we have received, made in His image and likeness and receive the constant nurturing and grace to carry that life to its fullness in Christ Jesus. To know Him, to love Him and to serve Him in this life and to be with Him for all eternity. Amen.

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