Catholicism Versus Orthodoxy

These two branches of Christianity seem very different to me. What are their major differences?


I think, friend Catherine, that most at this sait will think that you are wrong. Catolicism and Orthodoxy are similar so we are arguing too much about our differences. But to a protestant, most important are similarities. These and also the Monofisite churches such as Armenian are much in similarities to each other than to typical protestant church. Therefore, rather than tell you differences, let me show you our similarities compared to protestantism:

  1. Apostolic - all these churches have origins to Apostls of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  2. Diakons, priests, bishops, archbishops, metropolit, patriarch: all these churches have clerics who are ordained to be at these different level.
  3. Mysteries, sacraments: seven mysteries including Baptism, Annointing with myron, Eucharistika, confessing, Priesthood ordination, Marriage, Annointing of sick.
  4. Mother of God: have special devotion to Allways-Virgin Mary as one who will bring Our Lord Jesus Christ to each of us as she did to world.
  5. Veneration of holy images: believe that since Christ takes on human nature we can image Christ have honor for these images as we would for others that we love.
  6. Veneration of Holy Saints and Martyrs: like ancient Chrisitnas.

Of course there are some differences such as Papalism, etc. But first you should see the similarities. Then you will know how perhaps small are the differences compared to differences between Protestantism and apostolic churches.

I ask because I know someone who has an MA in history and teaches in a Catholic school. He is Orthodox and thinks Catholicism is way off the mark. He thinks they have big differences.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Hello Catherine. I found this on another thread. I think it’s a fairly good overview comparing Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Protestantism. Check it out and please let me know what you think of it.

In Christ,

Very recently someone in a different thread gave this link. It’s a chart that compares Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Protestantism. I hope it helps. :thumbsup:

Darn, you just beat me to posting the link! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, that was great! Thanks!

I’m still baffled that Orthodoxy and Catholicism are seen as in schism. What are they using as evidence that their way was right before the schism? How are they proving that their tradition speaks for itself? If it’s that cut and dry, how does each have an argument? One has to be wrong? History is evidently not supporting either clearly or there wouldn’t be an argument?

Hello Catherine,

Yes, there are some differences, big and small. But I think that any discussion should begin with a review of our similarities first. I am glad that this is what happened on this thread.

Then we can calmly and rationally discuss the points of contention. After reviewing the chart that both Harpazo and Salome linked to (it’s a pretty good and relatively unbiased work, I think) perhaps you and others can put forth specific questions about these and we can try to answer them.

There have been a few recent threads which tend to focus on these differences, but sometimes they become ‘food fights’ and we all become a bit unpleasant, although we don’t really want to be. :blush:

Well, Catholics and Orthodox will each give you different answers on that one, and I’m Catholic, so I’ll give you my perspective. I’m by no means an expert on the Catholic-Orthodox schism. I think that initially it had a lot to do with different ways of expressing the same things, politics, and pride (pride on both sides). Each one of us provides proof for our way in the form of scripture and Early Church Fathers, and a study of history. And that’s where it starts to get tricky.

They really aren’t that much different. Especially when you compare the Eastern Catholic Churches and Orthodox Churches. You can barely tell the difference!

This is the major question, which
branch of Christianity is correct.
Catholic or Orthodox.

This is a hard question because,
scripture won’t completely answer
it. And as far as history…well I guess it depends on who you hear it from.

I do remember that the people were very kind at the Orthodox
church.People smiled a lot and said hello.

One thing I Particularly remember
is that the Orthodox priest was married, I was able to meet his wife and young daughter.
And even though he was married,
Not once did I call the church and not be able to contact him to answer questions.

Yes; in both the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Eastern Catholic Churches, priests may marry before ordination.


That means seminarians can go out on dates! :thumbsup:

Here’s a history of the East-West Schism:

The Great Schism from an Orthodox perspective:

The Great Schism from a Catholic perspective:

Gabriel of 12;

Great sites Eucharisted; What I was hoping to find on this thread personal opinions of the schism from both perspectives, not an official one. So I will offer my personal opinion of differences; NONE.

We all partake of the one bread, One Body of Jesus Christ. I compare the differences as to two older brothers; One elects to be married, the other brother doesn’t, One elects to live near and follow Papa, the other elects to remain as is. One remains unmoved or unchanged of his customs, language, the other brother moves to many different nations, and tongues to share his Fathers wealth, Etc, etc… no matter the differences of these two brothers who share in the one body of Jesus Christ, does not change the fact we all have the same Mother and Father. The brothers are united in faith and no enemy will ever overcome them, as promised by Jesus Christ. Difference of opinion in Obedience, disciplines does not create two different religions, but only a tear (cut) in the one body of Jesus Christ in his One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Two brothers (members) from the same body with a healing wound.

I don’t know what the OP’s faith background is, but that will have
a lot to do with your decision.

If you don’t know much about Catholic Church, and are from conservative background, Then Orthodoxy will be easier for you
to digest.

The Catholic Church is easier if you have a support group already.
Because you can’t just walk into a church and trust anyone you ask, because its easier for liberals to
mislead you because its far less conservative. You have women doing things they shouldn’t be doing, and Rcia being taught in all sorts of strange ways these days.

So you will need someone to guide
you through rocky waters in the Catholic Church. If you have the support, The Catholic Church could
be a great experience.

Both Churches believe a lot of the same things, but the Catholic Church normaly has more to things. The creed, Mary, the role of bishop etc…etc…

The Catholic Church believes what
the Orthodox church dose plus some additional teachings.
The Orthodox church believes the same minus some teachings.

I just looked at your profile.
Seems like you are or were
southern baptist.

It also looks like you are thinking of converting but keep having red alerts go of.

I was the same, but you are in a better position. I was JW and my baptism was not valid, so I needed to hurry and get baptised.

If you are not in a rush, why not experience Orthodox divine liturgy.
Then tell us what you think of the differences.

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