Catholicism (Why I couldn't have it any other way)

We’ve all heard the arguments, Catholics and protestants alike, as to why Catholics are “wrong” or “right.” And being Catholic I could make many of the old arguments for the Church (even though things fit of their own accord) but why beat an old drum into the ground? By pointing out biblical passages, either being Catholic or protestant, all one does is give their own interpretaion of the bible. In other words, one person may look at a passage and say “this passage is saying this” while another comes away with something totally different. And what was the phrase? Ah yes, I KNOW I’m right because the Holy Spirit lets me know. Ok. Well, that’s all fine and dandy except for one thing, if the Holy Spirit is indeed showing you the right path then what about the thousands of other denominations claiming the same thing? So then how are we to solve this problem you ask? Firstly, let me ask a question. How do we know that Abe Lincoln existed? George Washington? History of course! Books, word of mouth, ancestry. So then why is it so difficult to believe in a man, namely St. Ignatus, who walked around with the apostle Peter himself for forty years as a dear friend and student? A man who lived the faith taught to him by Jesus Christ himself. All of St. Ignatus’ writings in the catacombs in Rome and on sheep skin studied by world renowned scholars are Catholic in nature. And lastly friends, ask yourselves a question if you’re one that likes to prove things through numbers. What are the odds of your church being the one started by Christ if you consider how many other Christian denominations were around at the start of your’s? As for Catholicism, 1/1. I like my odds. God bless.

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