I recently joined this dating site at no cost. Now it’s running a discount for suscribing. Does anyone know what you get for subscribing that you can’t get free? I can;'t find it on the website.


Communication and Correspondence, without a subscription people can send you message but you can’t read them.


So you have no way of communicating with that person, i.e. you can only watch the profile and nothing more? Academic curiosity.


Yup all you can do is send a smiley back and look at profiles.


Yep! You can see their profile, they can see yours. To communicate via their site, you must pay, uh, and they are always running a special, something like 50-60 dollars for 6 months. You also cannot post to their forum or their events unless your a paid member. You cannot run advanced or intricate searches without a membership. You can see that some saw your profile, left you a message, or an emote. You will know who the person is, but you will not be able to attain the message. You will be able to read the emote. I do not think you will be able to emote back (not sure, the previous poster said you can, I really dont know, I only tried it out for a couple months long ago).

A relative began dating someone off here in the beginning of summer, and so far, so good. Also do not get discouraged when you pay if you do not get a response from someone, as they may not have a paid membership. As soon as you glance someone’s profile, a notice goes out to them. They have a chat feature now like facebooks, not sure how that works.

I have been hearing a lot on this site on Ave Maria Singles. They apparently have more restrictions for a more devout person.

Good Luck and God Bless!


So I need to pony up if I want people to do more than check out my profile? OK. Wish me luck :slight_smile:


Someone suggested to me. Does anyone know what the cost is?


I had luck with the site - I am dating a woman I met from there for the past two and a half years.


I just checked my email. Their current special is 6 months for $59.70. I think I did 3 months for $39.99 about a year and half ago and that is how I met my boyfriend.


I used the Catholicmatch site before it was Catholic match… It was St. Raphael singles then. Now I am married to the man I met there, and couldn’t say more great thigns about it. I know one of the owners, and my sisters have met other owners. Also, my brother is happily married to a woman he met there.


$12.49/month for 6 months

$16.95/month for 3 months

$24.95/month for 1 month


I am a former member of Catholic Match. I was banned because I complained that they were not enforcing their rules of conduct. In fact, in banning me, they actually violated their own terms of service. is sooooooo much better. Catholic match has more people, but the place has become a cesspool in the last few years. If you do not believe, then let me simply cite a policy of theirs. ** Married people may join.**

The place is about as Catholic as a meeting of the Richard Dawkins Fan Club.


Per the terms of use at Catholic Match:

  1. Registration Obligations

In agreeing to these terms you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age, not legally married, and are able to receive the services provided. As condition of using the Service, you agree to:

a) provide honest, accurate, current and complete information about yourself during the registration process. This includes, but is not limited to, your contact information, profile photograph and billing information.

b) to maintain and update this information to keep it accurate. If any information provided by you is false or incomplete, or Catholic Match has reason to believe it is false and incomplete, Catholic Match has the right to terminate your account and refuse you any and all current or future use of the Service


Sadly, the number of those who publicly violate the “not legally married” clause is HUGE.

They can claim they have that policy, but they have numerous member who are married. So what possible difference does it make if they do not even live up to their own terms of service. they did not do that with me. Again, let me remind you that in my earlier post, I stated that they had violated their own terms of service with me.

There are numerous other scandalous things regarding Catholic Match of which I have personal knowledge. However, I cannot post about them, including the ones I have personally witnessed, as it is against forum rules to post damaging information about persons on this forum, whether it is true or not. Suffice to say that EWTN will have nothing to do with the founder.

I stand by my statement. Catholic Match and 4 Marks is a company that has, repeatedly, behaved in unethical behavior and violated it’s own terms and thus is not worth the attention of an authentic Catholic, despite the fact that they have fooled so many.


I met my husband on and I highly recommend it. As for members being allowed to join if they are legally married… I considered keeping my membership active after we were married purely for the purposes of participating in their discussion forums which are much like the CA forums. Once I found CA, I realized I could get that for free and didn’t need to continue my paid membership with them to enjoy good online Catholic fellowship. So please don’t assume that because they allow married people to be members that it is a “cesspool.” They also allow priests and there were a few on there when I was a member. I believe the umbrella company is Four Marks and in some of the website areas the married and clergy members do mingle with the CatholicMatch brand single members. In any case, whether a site allows married people or not, you never know whether members are being honest about their marital status so best to keep a healthy level of suspicion.

Here is a link to our initial success story on CatholicMatch:

And our engagement announcement:


I just wanted to add that like you I joind as a free member on a whim never imagining that I would meet someone, especially not my future husband. When people started sending me messages I joined as a paying member so that I could reply to them. That was in March of 2005. We were engaged that same year in November.


What a great story. Thanks for sharing it with us. Congratulations to you and your husband!


I’ve had nothing but positive experiences on Even met my current guy there. :D;)


And the sad fact is, these sites like CM and AMS and others exist to fill the void - often flourishing in that void - left by the Catholic dioceses and parishes that have marginalized and ultimately ignored and written off “singles.” Why the heck should I have to pay $24.95/month, $16.95/3 mo’s, $12.49/6 mo’s, for what should be FREE? If my parents and their parents (my grandparents) met at church, why can’t I be allowed that same privilege?

If “singles” continue to be ignored in our Catholic parishes, then I think our Catholic bishops should have a moral obligation to help subsidize membership to these “singles” sites. Give discounted rates. Provide vouchers. Something, anything. Our Catholic bishops need to know there are a lot of Catholic singles out here, "fallen-away Catholics who often won’t return, who pray and pray and pray for the mere acknowledgment that we exist.

I have no doubt that what you say is true, and it’s not my place to question the accuracy of your statement - particularly when “Catholic singles” have already been written off and the only place to go are often the most unethical. I do wish more Catholics like yourself would speak up, because I shouldn’t have to rely on CM, AMS, et al, for what Catholic parishes should be providing in their ministries.


It is indeed disappointing that married people would even think to try to join what is supposed to be only for those who are single…

I have not used either service although I have thought about it…

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