I am excited about this new website,
starting to set the record straight! God bless.

… I am not sure what to make of either of these sites.


I’m not sure is a large enough website to warrant a second website just to critique it (even though I agree that there is much it contains that is ripe for critiquing).

I’m not sure the wall-of-text approach is the best to go for from an aesthetic perspective. It makes it difficult to find information quickly.

Limbo is a valid theological opinion but was never declared dogma.

Hence, both sites are very wrong.

I wouldn’t hang my hat on anything Ron Conte (Catholic Planet) says. He is his own authority and if anyone disagrees with him it means they are wrong (according to him).
He puts out his own interpretations of Church teachings which sometimes are far removed from reality.

Does anyone know which city/state Ron Conte lives in? Is his
bishop aware of Thank you, God bless.

And trust me, you don’t EVER want to engage Mr. Conte in a discussion concerning marital sexuality.

Well I have done in these forums as have others. It gets bloody!

A statement of great excellence!

Perhaps the best review on CatholicPlanet and the sites purveyor Ron Conte is done by
A review of Ronald Conte, the author, by ‘CatholicCultures’ website owner Dr Jeffrey Mirus:
(Dr Mirus also owns Catholic World News ‘CWNews’ website)

The webiste ‘CatholicPlanet’ is the venue for the writings of Ronald Conte, self-described as a Catholic theologian. His site features numerous articles about Catholicism. Most controversial are his eschatology writings which give precise dates of future events right up to the coming of Christ (which he predicts to be in 2437AD). His claims are based on his interpretation of the Bible and private revelation throughout history.

While you may find something worthwhile on this site, it is replete with Mr. Conte’s speculative theology. We suggest you avoid it unless you are a theologian and qualified to sift through and determine what is true and what isn’t.

See Dr. Jeffrey Mirus’ commentary on Magisteriumism and Other Myths

First Evaluated: 06/24/2009; Last Updated: 01/17/2011

Fidelity: DANGER!
Resources: FAIR
Useability: NORMAL

None Reported.


Fidelity: Error regarding heresy of “Magisteriumism” :
(Magisteriumism: invented term of Ronald Conte whereby anyone who adheres exclusively to the teachings of the Magisterium is committing some kind of error or heresy)
“When you look at the rest of his web site, the penny will drop. On nearly every page, Ronald Conte explains the most abstruse doctrinal and pastoral questions with unbridled confidence and clarity, setting everything forth on his own authority, with occasional references to whatever else happens to support his ideas. Mystical Baptism? Conte has you covered. The sinlessness of St. Joseph? Conte knows exactly how it works. The question of Limbo? Never fear, Conte is here. Moreover, Conte is here all by himself. He pauses neither to investigate the work of theologians who have grappled with these questions over the centuries nor (as may well be guessed by now) to cite supporting evidence from the Magisterium of the Church.
In fact, Ronald Conte never expresses the slightest hesitation or the slightest doubt on any complex issue. Salvation outside the Church? No problem. The proper way for women to behave? Simple and clear. The very specific rule people should follow in determining how frequently to receive Communion? Ronald’s one size fits all. Conte draws his ideas from private revelation, favorite saints, or simply his own dubious spirituality. After all, he has already warned us that the Faith is much bigger than the Magisterium, and that it is actually a heresy to rely overmuch on the Magisterium. And so–on his own sole authority–he blithely explains everything you always wanted to know about Catholicism but were afraid to ask.
Did you hear the penny? Ronald Conte is not a mainstream secularized dissenter; he is simply very fond of private revelation and of his own private ideas. Those who would suggest greater caution and the need for a little authority must be guilty of, well, Magisteriumism.”

Fidelity: Questionable links

Other: Mr. Conte seems to consider himself the ultimate authority on the Faith on his discussion group CatholicPlanet website
Fidelity: Author has published a catechism without ecclesiastical approval
(Can. 827 §1) states: “Without prejudice to the provisions of can. 775 §2, the publication of catechisms and other writings pertaining to catechetical formation, as well as their translations, requires the approval of the local Ordinary.” (Code of Canon Law)

Fidelity: Author has published a Scripture translation without ecclesiastical approval, the so-called “Catholic Public Domain Bible”
(Can. 825 §1) states: “Books of the sacred scriptures cannot be published unless the Apostolic See or the conference of bishops has approved them. For the publication of their translations into the vernacular, it is also required that they be approved by the same authority and provided with necessary and sufficient annotations.” (Code of Canon Law)

Fidelity: Supporter and promoter of many unapproved apparitions.

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