Catholics, Abortion and socialized medicine

Many of us in canada have been following the HHS mandate and the developments of Obamacare. Although, we have had socialized medicine for years, the integration of abortion services and contraceptives into the funding was not something Canadians had any say in.
At this point I am looking for ideas on how Canadians can respond in a similar way to as fortnight for freedom to the funding that we are unwillingly supplying for the killing of Canadian children.


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My idea here is that we can argue that since abortion is a “choice”, then it is “selective surgery”, which is not covered by our respective provincial healthcare.

Socialised health care has a major problem, and you correctly point it out, abortion and contraception are made part of the health care system, funded by taxpayer money, and there is no big debate in any country I believe with this type of health care system about the funding. These health care systems mean in one ward of the hospital a nurse is taking care of a baby that was just born, and in another ward they aborting a baby at the same gestation

You can do all you want but it isn’t going to change a thing in Canada. The only reason it is even debated in America is because of the large Christian right.

In the US the free practice of religion is enshrined in our constitution and THIS is what is being argued. The HHS mandate making these items a required part of any insurance and the consequent forced funding of them through insurance premiums by all (including religious institutions) is a violation of that constitutional guarantee.

So - if you are looking to the US for ideas on how to argue in Canada…You will first have to see what your constitution says…

I do agree that one argument - that does not rely on constitutional grounds - is that an abortion is an elective surgery and should not be allowed.


Unfortunately, there are many elective surgeries that we do cover, so this doesnt apply across the board.

What is interesting to explore is how certain minority groups in Canada have become exempt from paying tax related to healthcare and education. They simply educated their own children and pay cash for medical care as necessary.

Quite the impact if all prolifers in Canada stopped paying taxes.
At least we should be able to ear mark our money and direct it away from abortion.

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