Catholics always seem to be getting haunted

Back when I was a kid growing up, we used to watch Unsolved Mysteries and all kinds of stuff. For some reason it always showed Catholic homes being haunted and all this jazz. Why does that lore/myth thing still exist today?

Maybe I just have weird friends online…:confused::confused:



There is a fixation in the “public mind” between Catholics and ghosts, possibly because of films about exorcism.

Given that haunted premises are prevalent in non-Catholic locales, I’d say that such a connection is a mirage.


This is another reminder that movies and other media produced by the world are terribly bad at conveying reality to the audience. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a two edged sword isn’t it? Whenever there is something evil going on in movie, they always go to the Catholic Priest.

Whenever a person of any denomination feels terribly remorseful, they always end up in a Cathedral somewhere, and moments later a Priest shows up and they sit in the pews and chat. [if it were only that easy to find a Priest at any moment of need!:D]

lol so true! Yes… I just watched a movie like that yesterday… priest is always in a confessional box in an empty church just waiting for anyone to come in and confess. As if they have lots of time on their hands and do nothing but think and pray and sit all day in a church. … ha ha ha ha ha. Yeah right!

OP, I’d have to say that I do not share the notion about Catholics and ‘hauntings’ . if it is true, I never noticed it. To me it was always new agey or occulty people who were into hauntings and stuff. Tv/hollywood usually throws in Catholics for more drama in my opinion.

So true.
When an episode of Dateline had a famous case where a small town Pastor had an affair and murdered his secretary’s husband and his own wife, all the graphics were of interiors of Catholic Churches, votive candles, a crucifix on a wall over a statue of the Virgin Mary and film of a little old lady in a mantilla praying the rosary in a dark church.

Producers have no clue. They just told some intern, "Go find us some “churchy” photostock. :mad:

Popular culture/movies almost never portray religion correctly. Either they don’t know what they’re talking about or they’re intentionally trying to undermine religion and people of faith or so it seems to me.

A couple of years ago there was an actual haunting around Chicago where a priest was helping a woman. It made front page headlines.

I think it is that our church recognizes and deals with this type of work more so than other denoms. In fact other denoms recommend this work to the Catholic priest because they do not know how to cope with it. So now this is part of our image. And then again there are more exorcist priests in the U.S. than ever before.

And there have been several movies of exorcist and Devil stuff where Hollywood portrayed a priest as the one who dealt with this.

Back in the 40’s, the church’s image was one of kindness and charity in hollywood, the time of Bing Crosby. There were lots of “nice” movies made about the church and it was treated favorably then. There were no exorcist movies, just werewolf, vampire, and frankinstein stories.

To Hollywood, there seems to be more pomp and circumstance surrounding the Catholic Church. This is not the case for a plain backwoods Baptist church in the middle of flyover country.

Popular culture/movies almost never portray anything accurately. Facts tend to get lost in the Hollywood love of image and flash.

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