Catholics and "Anglican Prayer Beads"

I recently bought some Anglican Prayer beads from a Catholic gift shop. I find that I am particularly partial to the English/Irish/Celtic expression of Catholicism. Does anyone have an opinion on a catholic using these beads?
PS…I will be giving a second set to my anglican grandmother, pray for her conversion!

They were invented by an Anglican woman “minister” and her prayer group, which troubles me. Now I suppose that there is nothing wrong with using them to count prayers, and I find even the standard method of praying them contains no heretical prayers - but there isn’t anything truly patrimonially Anglican/Celtic about them. It’s strange a Catholic store would be selling them, but hey.

However, I don’t suppose it’s any different from a chaplet! Maybe you could even make up your own method of praying them? But they do not replace the proper Rosary :slight_smile:

Someone more informed might be able to give you a better answer. God Bless! :signofcross::byzsoc:

Considering the number of chaplets (in addition to the rosary) we Catholics have, you can pretty much make up your own private devotion using prayers of your choice.

The Anglican rosary is divided into four groups (called “weeks”) of seven beads each. I had received a set from a well-meaning but misinformed Anglican friend (who thought all strung sets of prayer beads were rosaries,) at about the same time I had started the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. It seemed somewhat providential, since, as you may know, the Spiritual Exercises as classically described by St. Ignatius, take four weeks to do.

Another woman on this forum who has done the Exercises gave me some insight as to how she was using her Anglican beads as an adjunct to the Exercises. I made up my own.

I say the Apostles’ Creed on the cross (it’s not a crucifix,) the Lord’s Prayer on the first bead after the cross, the Anima Christi on the next bead, seven Glorias on the next seven beads, the Anima Christi on the next large bead. On each “week” I meditate on 1) God’s love for me, 2) sin, 3) the life of Jesus, and 4) the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus. I conclude with the Suscipe Domini, a Lord’s Prayer, and a Hail Mary.

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Thanks! I looked up the manufacturer and guess what, they sell mostly Catholic devotions. Odd.
I like them because of the nice Canterbury cross on it.
Recently, my other grandmother (catholic) gave me a lovely single decade Irish rosary of Connemara marble, complete with a Celtic Crucifix.
Can you think of any other Celtic/English Catholic devotions?

This looks like a wonderful way to pray!

Do you know the name of the manufacturer? I’m just curious…I might look into it :slight_smile:

Look up the Penal Rosary, Pater Noster cord, and see what you think.

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The mfr. is Shomali Inc.
I have the one decade rosary (my favorite), and would love to buy the Pater Noster cord someday.

Thank you! If I think of any more devotions I’ll let you know. How about the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary?

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