Catholics and Billy Graham

Is it ok for Catholics to listen to Billy Graham?

Why would you want to listen to a protestant when we have 2000+ years of writings, and history to learn from?

Check out Bishop Fulton Sheen’s sermons or any of the church fathers. I’m not saying that Mr. Graham is evil, just saying that he has a very protestant slant which may lead you astray.

Yes, you can listen to Dr Graham, and no, you do not have to justify yourself to anybody (including CAF members) if you want to. The Church is not going to censor you. I have listened to him for many years. However, it is your responsibility to know your faith and the Catholic position on things, as there are theological differences. However, I have listened to Catholic priests and deacons who have theological differences also.

I personally don’t believe in insulating myself from other Christians in such a way that I refuse to even listen to what they have to say or read anything they have written. That is an extremely narrow view, and I have enough faith in myself and in my beliefs not to let things lead me astray. Only you dan determine if you can do that.

I happen to like Billy Graham. He is true to his faith, ethical, and has put a positive face on Christianity. He might not be Catholic, but at least people are being pointed in the right direction. If anyone is going to listen to a Protestant, it might as well be him.



I once attended a Billy Graham event in NY out of curiosity, and I would often watch his crusades on television. He was more of a fire-and-brimstone preacher in the early years, even before my time. Later, he became somewhat more subdued and tolerant, but still an inspirational speaker. His son, Franklin Graham, is more critical of other faiths, particularly Islam, and has had to apologize for several of his remarks. I’ve always enjoyed listening to Billy Graham, although my rabbi (non-Orthodox) would probably hold a different view.

Why would you want to drink contaminated water? Sure, it’ll still hydrate you might even come away perfectly fine…but it can still make you sick.

We have more “fresh water” in our tradition than one person could consume in his lifetime. I don’t see the point.

:thumbsup: I also don’t believe in insulating from other beliefs, I cannot convince a non-believer of the Truth if I don’t know what they think and why they think it. There are protestant preachers that have some wonderful things to say, my favourite words on marriage other than the Bible, was given in a sermon by Peter Marshall, a Presbyterian minister—it’s beautiful and completely sound.

In 1967 John Oetgen, Belmont Abbey College president and Benedictine priest, conferred an honorary degree on the Protestant evangelist Billy Graham.

Oetgen presented evangelist Billy Graham with an honorary doctorate degree from Belmont Abbey in 1967, making a bold statement about Christian unity that surprised both Catholics and Protestants.

Yes, it is okay for you and other Catholics to listen to Billy Graham.

Tell me, is the gospel Billy Graham brings the same as the gospel the Church brings?


Dr. Graham preached a simple Gospel, a simpler version of what the Catholic Church teaches–“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.”

This is not opposed to Catholicism. It is incomplete, but it is not opposed or heretical. It’s straight out of the Bible, the Catholic Bible.

If a person who is not a Catholic and/or not a Christian does this, simply believes in Jesus, then the Lord Jesus will be faithful and eventually lead them home to His Church, the Catholic Church.

At his Crusades, Dr. Graham always told those who came forward to go to church, and if someone inquired about the Catholic Church, he encouraged them to go to the Catholic Church. He was not anti-Catholic in any way.

Listening to non-Catholic preaching is generally very dangerous. How many ex-Catholics do we know of, who did not know their faith well enough and were taken in by protestant cursaders like Billy Graham? I know more than a few. I would say it is alright to read protestant books and listen to lecture etc when you know the Catholic faith well enough to know how to respond to the issues they bring up. If you don’t, then you are putting your faith in danger.

In the back of an old missal I have , when giving guidelines for cofession it goes through the 10 commandments and breaks them down so you can examine your conscience. It says; “have I put my faith in danger by listening to heretical sermons or reading heretical books?”. This used to have to be confessed. Now, it would only put your faith in danger if you do not know it well enough. I have listened to many protestant sermons and debates for my own research, but I always knew where they were wrong and why.

So my advise would be: If you don’t know your faith as well as you should - avoid listening to protestant sermons. Listen to Catholic talks and read Catholic books. If it is just a matter of curiosity and research, and you know you faith well then it should do no harm. The “as long as its about Christ and love” attitude is reckless and can lead to indifferentism.

I think the good Lord knew there would be divisions in His house, which is why he tells his Apostles:
John said to him,“Teacher, we saw someone driving out demons in your name, and we tried to prevent him because he does not follow us.” Jesus replied, “Do not prevent him. There is no one who performs a mighty deed in my name who can at the same time speak ill of me. For whoever is not against us is for us. Anyone who gives you a cup of water to drink because you belong to Christ, amen, I say to you, will surely not lose his reward." Mark 9:38-41.
There are non-Catholic’s who have excellent insights into God’s ways (just as there are Catholics who have horrible insights into God’s ways). As others have said, listen to whomever you want but know that it is your job to separate the wheat from the chaff.

For what it’s worth: a family member used to listen to Reverend Ike (just Google him if you don’t know the name). While I don’t agree with his take on theology, his “the more you give to me the more God loves you” attitude made me realize how much the Church accepts everyone and how God calls on us to help the less fortunate - some wheat blowing out of his chaff.

In fact, Billy Graham’s “simple” message is nothing more than the beginning of American indifferentism.

If it’s not Catholic, it’s not Catholic. Not anti-Catholic is not synonymous with pro-Catholic

Grew up listening to Franklin, have a few of Billy’s books on the shelf too.

Have zero use for them once I discovered truly heavy-weight theologians. The Banter-weight bush-league stuff is of no use.

I wouldn’t listen to anyone preach who doesn’t :shrug: believe in the true presence in the Eucharist.

I would agree that, as a Baptist, Dr. Graham probably misses the truth of the Eucharist (though I’ve never heard him speak on the subject). However, I have heard him speak regarding faith in Jesus Christ, and his faith can be inspiring, and is admirable.


I was led to Jesus Christ through a protestant TV Evangelist, Oral Roberts, so people shouldn’t put down people that God may be using to bring people to him.

That being said, one of the cities where Billy Graham was having his service, the autitorium was sold out in advance, so the local Catholic Churches put up a large screen tv in their parish halls, for people to watch Billy Graham.


Why would Lutherans especially want to listen to Billy Graham, when his theology is decision theology and theology of glory.

Why wouldn’t they?



If you are rock solid and well founded in your Catholic faith, then it is okay. But if you don’t know your own faith well, it could spell trouble. You won’t know where he lacks the fullness of the Christian faith, and you could start believing erroneous ideas.

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