Catholics and Campaign 2012 - Bishop Poprocki's Red Mass Talk

Bishop Thomas J. Poprocki of Springfield, IL, who holds doctorates in both civil and canon law, is quoted heavily in this article/blog post from “National Review Online” regarding his recent talk at a Red Mass given in Green Bay, WI on Sept 20, 2012:

"The bishop then made the crucial distinction, so often blurred by partisans like Sister Simone and the rest of Catholics for Obama, between the “binding principles” and the “prudential judgments” of Catholic social teaching. And those “binding principles,” Paprocki reminded his audience, weigh heavily on politicians such as Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and John Kerry, who invoke their Catholicism and their devotion to American pluralism in support of their cave-in to the pro-abortion forces in American politics (and their ample wallets). It is true, Paprocki readily conceded, that “the distinctions between binding principles and prudential judgments are not always clear and absolute.” But sometimes they are: “For example, there is no circumstance or context in which it could be just to deprive any class of persons of the legal protection for their lives which other classes of persons enjoy. Because support for what many today call ‘pro-choice’ laws about abortion necessarily involves willing this departure from legal equality which justice requires, the ‘pro-choice’ position is always gravely wrong.” "

“Bishops Paprocki’s purpose, it should be emphasized, was not to endorse the Ryan budget, which he explicitly stated was not within his remit. His purpose was to clear the air of the thick fog of obfuscation (and, in Sister Simone Campbell’s case, disinformation) that has befouled the Catholic debate during the 2012 campaign. That, in doing so, the lawyer-bishop whose cathedral is a few blocks from Abraham Lincoln’s old law firm might have given the boys in the back room in Boston a much more refined way of discussing personal responsibility and the economy: Well, that was an unintended bonus — but one that demonstrates that the Catholic Left has no monopoly on the Church’s social doctrine, its presentation, and its application.”

God bless Bishop Poprocki and may he continue to speak out on this subject. :thumbsup:

Because “left” nowadays is contrary to CST since it means keynesian/welfare state or socialism. Not saying “right” is better since liberal capitalism isn’t too great either, but right doesn’t always=liberal capitalism.

When Bishop Poprocki was in Chicago, he presided over each of my children’s Confirmations. He actually sang a popular song known by the kids and offered great insight for all the Confirmati. :slight_smile: He is a blessing to his flock.

The lack of response speaks volumes. :smiley:

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