Catholics and Contemporary Christian Music


I am a “soon-to-be” Catholic convert… I was baptized Pentecostal and have always been non-denominational theology-wise…

I love Hillsong and many other Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) artists… Their songs always seem to lift me up and bring me into a secret place of prayer and meditation with the Trinity and Blessed Mother (although they never mention Her)…

Is it wrong for us as Catholics to listen to such music?


Of course it is not wrong. Some people on this forum have some pretty strange ideas, so if they say this is wrong, don’t listen to them!


I have a lot of CCM music. One of my favorites was back in the 80’s by Amy Grant, “My Father’s Eyes”. Some day hope to have more Catholic music as well.


I also have lots of CCM. There’s some stuff that I switch stations when it comes on, but that’s rare, and I never hear anything that’s actively anti-Catholic. On the contrary, lately I’m hearing stuff talking about the Blood of Christ, etc., that I consider subliminally Catholic.



I love listening to Christian Contemporary Music. I have a bunch of CCM! :smiley: And yes, it is all legally downloaded or ripped from CDs that I personally own. I find CCM to be very uplifting. I also like modern praise and worship music. :slight_smile:


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