Catholics and firearms

US Catholics- I am curious of opinions on this forum

Can you be more specific? Opinions regarding? The best guns to own? Gun control? Hunting?

The question is rather nebulous but I will guess that you are wondering about whether Catholics are allowed, in good conscience to own firearms…ne c’est pas?
Well I certainly hope so…I used them in the military and carried one daily for 25 years on a police department. I own about 15 pistols .rifles and shotguns which are in a safe except for the 9mm which I carry whenever I go away from my home. I enjoy marksmanship and value my 2nd amendment right to keep firearms.
What has this to do with my serious attachment to the Holy Church…wonderin’?:shrug:

They’re probably the worst invention ever. I really hate guns.

They are a tool and any tool may be misused. It was only a generation or two ago that many of our ancestors hunted as a means of survival.
Now you have me wondering what I would consider to be the worst invention ever.:hmmm:
Thanks for the thought provoking post. Now if I could find a job where I’m paid to ponder.:smiley:

A “tool” specifically for killing should not be lumped in with, say, a stud finder or a screwdriver.

2 generations? I doubt very much that a huge number of Americans hunted for survival in the 1960s.


Just asking people’s personal thoughts.

I’m no longer catholic but I live in a very catholic region and if they ever tried to take away our guns we would probably revolt. I dont think guns are necessarily connected to religion unless your religion is strictly pacifist.

There is no Catholic Doctrine denying the legitimate ownership and use of firearms. Firearms are nothing but tools and there is nothing inherently evil in them; just as there is nothing evil in having a hammer, a knife or an awl. But if a hammer is used to strike someone, or the knife to cut someone, or the awl to stab someone- it is the wielder of the tool who does evil, not the tool itself.
For those who express an opinion that you wish firearms have never been invented, you speak from ignorance…you have been over influenced by far left wing teachers. Our country would not exist had it not been for firearms. How do you think early settlers, starting with Columbus and the Spanish-followed by the English a century later fed themselves? By going to the corner grocer? How do you think Americans won their independance from a tyrannical king? By waving and hooting at his Redcoats?
Please save us from your propaganda…and save me from any comments about the Indians!
By the way, since the settlement of North America, has anyone noticed that there has been no mass deaths in Europe from famine or pestulance? I guess the reduction of the European population by immigration to N.A. had nothing to do with it…and firearms played no part.

The way I view it is you can have certain firearms, but they need to be regulated and have serious control. I don’t believe that a person realistically needs assault rifles or AK-47’s. America’s Second Amendment was written when rifles took time to load and to fire. There was a greater needs for guns back then as people needed to defend themselves in areas that were fairly lawless because of the lack of a sheriff and people lived on farms and needed to protect their crop from wild animals and also to hunt for food. We don’t live in such times anymore

Put bluntly, what is the purpose of a gun? To kill. And it is against God’s commands to kill. So who needs guns??

If a guy is breaking into my house with an ax or a gun and telling me he is going to kill me and my family, I**** need a gun !

The police can’t be everywhere, and if there HAD been someone carrying a gun in the theatre when the bad guy started shooting, it all would have ended quickly.

I guess you would want us to be like those in the Middle East who have to throw rocks because they have no other way to defend themselves ?

And I wouldn’t feel any other way about it religion wise either, unless I decided to become Quaker or Amish.

P.S. I just saw that there are ten people dead from a truck crash in Texas, and five dead from a SUV crash in N.Y…
WAY more people die daily in vehicles than from guns …

it is Church teaching that one is allowed to defend themselves.

I’m very conservative, actually.

Our country would not exist had it not been for firearms. How do you think early settlers, starting with Columbus and the Spanish-followed by the English a century later fed themselves? By going to the corner grocer? How do you think Americans won their independance from a tyrannical king? By waving and hooting at his Redcoats?

There are other ways to fight wars. How do you think wars were fought before the invention of guns?

I must be dating myself.:smiley: My mom didn’t know what beef tasted like until she was out of high school. Elk? You bet! Deer? Absolutely.
I just cleaned the last of the deer out of my fridge and it’s a heck of a lot better tasting than beef! Grrr…back to the store.

I can’t understand how one can morally be against abortion and not against gun control. The historical context right to bare arms has no basis on modern society. There is no other purpose of guns other than killing, and they are darn effective at it! The only time that’s somewhat moral is when hunting or acting as a police officer or military in public protection. Most other modern countries allow ownership by officials and at hunting sites only.

That self-defense BS is so rare that I’ll bet no average citizen has an honest story about how their gun ownership kept them safe against the baddie that would have harmed them otherwise. How many presidents, other politicians and innocents will be killed before we figure out that this is totally ridiculous!? I don’t know how NRA officials sleep at night being responsible for all the death guns cause because the average citizen has way too easy access to them. Let alone how the NRA convinces so many people that it’s morally good to protect everyone’s right to own them.

Regardless of what’s in the CCC, I can’t imagine Jesus being a fan of modern American practices of gun control.

i don’t understand,are you ok with someone being speared to death but not shot?

Spears, knives, etc are not as deadly as guns. Here’s a recent example: do you think that 12 people would have been murdered and another 59 people injured if the movie murderer had knives instead of guns? I would say he would have been lucky to kill 1 person and injure 2 others before being subdued.

If you take individual weapons out of the equation of modern warfare, you are pretty much left with WMD. That’s even more immoral.

And as for private ownership, I get it. We should all just keep pots of boiling oil on our roofs ready to dump down on the home invaders. :rolleyes:

Well, the 1960s is only one generation back :wink: but a large number of people were still hunting as an important source of protein in the 1960s, especially in rural America. I wouldn’t say it was “for survival” but it wasn’t just for sport.

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