"Catholics" and god-parents and poor witness

Why does the Catholic Church have rules and then priests blatantly disregard the rules?

A friend of mine was married in the CAtholic Church but he never goes to Mass and neither does his wife.

Now he is going to be a Catholic god-parent but he does not fulfill the god-parent requirements.

I think one of the reasons the Catholic Church is viewed so poorly by a great majority of people is that there are a lot of “Catholics” who know nothing of the faith, never go to Mass and then participate in sacraments like marriage and baptism when the priests and the world at large KNOW that the person is not even nominally Catholic. Their lifestyle is TOTALLY and UNEQUIVOACALLY secular yet they get married in the Church. This gives Catholicisim a bad name.

It seems that people think they are Catholic if they are baptized as an infant, regardless of whether they attend Mass, etc.

It makes me mad and sad at the same time.

I’m new here, and certainly understand your concern over the situation, but just wanted to point out that the hypocritical practice by Christians is certainly not limited to only Catholics. Many, many people are married in a Christian Church, baptize their children etc. and yet fail to follow Jesus’ teachings on any given day, living a pretty secular life, and to be perfectly honest I really don’t think it’s the main reason that the Church or its beliefs are often brought into question by Non Catholics.

As a convert from a Protestant Church, if it will help to ease your mind any, I can tell you that the sporadic attendance at Mass by so called “Easter Only” Catholics was way down my list of things I had to learn about and come to understand in regards to the Catholic Church.

God Bless

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