Catholics and marriage licenses


It is the Church’s requirement.

You had a preist tell you not getting a license breaks Church law, and gave citations. He explained officiating a marriage without a license is a felony or misdemeanor in most states.

This whole thread people have given you good and valid reasons why the state license is important and is not subordinating the Church to the state.

Your response has largely been to say “La la la. I can’t hear you.”

Your conscience, your friend’s conscience HAS NO BEARING here. You disagree with the Church, fine. You would do things differently, fine.

So, I will give you one last possible solution. If everything is how you say, your friends are very powerful. I am sure they can go to the governor of the state and get a nice letter explaining the situation to present to their Bishop. There, situation solved.


so you want big brother to have to continue to do it? You sound like the one who wants to fleece the government. Making them flip the bill to investigate all those Catholic couples who want to receive a sacrament.



Big brother?

A marriage licence is, in most states

-Birth Certificate
-Photo id

By which the state runs a search, ensures both parties are free to marry and gives the couple a piece of paper that they give to the priest to sign. The government can easily access all the records it needs to to make a reasonable verification.

The church takes this information to ensure that the sacrament is respected and given validly.

It would be incredibly pricey for the church to do this kind of investigation themselves.

You seem to think that there should be NO protections on the Sacrament of marriage. Just walk into a Church, chat up a priest, promise you are who you say you are and walk out married.

Why do you continue to degrade and denigrate the sacrament as if it was no more than brushing your teeth? Should there really be no protections to ensure that it’s undertaken validly?


Yes it is canon law, and you can make your opinion known but must still obey canon law as it currently exists.

I didn’t say you were. It is certainly within your rights to disagree and to suggest a change. It is not within your rights or hers to disobey Church Law or the legitimate authority of the Church. Your original post goes beyond simply stating your disagreement, you inquired for sources of priests who would disobey the law, both Church and civil.

Her recourse within the law of the Church is to apply to her bishop for a secret marriage and if denied, that’s it. Fini.


Well finally we got past the whole “friend” thing. If you do not want to follow canon law then just go get married by some internet officiant. It is clear you don’t want a Catholic wedding nor a Catholic sacrament. Go to Vegas and stand before Elvis.

Your views of this issue are hugely distorted and no one except the Australian agrees with you. 367 posts that have done nothing as you can’t even be clear about what the issue is. I think it’s time this one was put to bed. It’s useless to continue.


You are overstating the marriage license process.

You walk in, fill out the form, show your ID, and pay your fee. My husband lived in another state, he didn’t even have to be present I just had to bring his ID with me to the license office. Some states require you have a blood test also, but most just require and ID and money. Boom, license issued. There is no search or background check. You just check boxes that say you aren’t related, already married, etc.

Whether banns must be published is left to the Episcopal Confenrence, if they are not the pastor is responsible for the premarital investigation. The license is not a substitute for banns.


I am not sure the Australian even agrees. I think he only went as far as to say he was sympathetic. :joy:


My point is that the state can do this because they have the technology to link everything. They can ensure that someone has not been married before in that state because they have your ID. It’s cheap because they have a system that works for millions of people.

If you were going to do what the government does in this simple transaction without any government help, then it would cost thousands.


If your friend has chosen to live outside the jurisdiction of the government and requirements of the church, she now has to live with her choices. She cannot have it both ways.


No where in canon law does it say couples must apply for a marriage license with the government.


Someone posted this upthread…Can 1071 Section 1

There is no way for the Church to know if your marriage can be recognized by civil law unless you get a marriage license


If one of them was unbaptized and it wasn’t a sacrament would she still have a problem with it? If so, she’s just wanting what she wants and it has nothing to do with a sacrament.


I never said there should be no protocol leading up to the sacrament of matrimony. For you to say that I have "degraded and denigrated the sacrament " is ridiculous! Removing the state who seems to believe it’s perfectly fine for guys to marry guys and crazy nasty stuff like like, i think would only dignify the Church and her sacraments. Maybe once the state stops redefining our most important sacrament, I’ll give a bit.



No. It’s clear that despite Cannon 1071 Section 1 YOU want to play by your own rules.

You are the one who is cheapening marriage. You are the one who is turning the sacrament into a pawn in this silly game of “I make my own country.”

The Catholic church DOES NOT recognize a civil marriage of a Catholic. What others do with a civil license is of no consequence.


Not baptized??? They are both baptized Catholics in good standing. It’s all about the sacrament!


Humility and obedience.

Sometimes you have to go to God and say “I don’t like this. I don’t agree with this. But this is what your Church is asking me to do so I will do it.”

Are you really willing to give up marriage to make a point? What does your intended think of that?


Canon 1071 applies to those who assist not those who are receiving the sacrament. And is says "except in the case of necessity"
So she’s covered! :blush:


Who are you quoting???


You. You’ve stated several times that they are not “incorporated” in the US. Which is a childish game.

You continue to ignore ALL of Fr. David’s arguments and isnsit that a priest do things your way. You have no intention of obedience–which seems to be the crux of the issue here.



Please go speak with a cannon lawyer. Your intpretation is not correct.

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