Catholics and marriage licenses


The Bishop gets to decide what’s “in case of necessity” not you.


I can do that and I would not be questioning this if it were a matter of the faith. But asking for a marriage without a license, is not going against canon law!

I think it’s wrong for couples who want to receive the sacrament of matrimony, to first be forced to ask permission from a government who constantly perverts marriage. If you want that for yourself, go for it!



You think our sacramental marriages are somehow “less” because we obtained marriage licenses?

Okie dokie.


Sorry to interfere with the American people and system,but…sounds like Big Brother as you call it covers everything else for this person…kind of living from everybody else without paying the fair share…
But hey! a tantrum when it comes to the quite normal and average civil marriage and then…Big Brother is a niusance?
A matter of conscience should appear when it comes to putting down a dime for the common good too…not only to object to this before and after nonsense…
All this is quite absurd…
Just do as it has to been done …what else can these posters explain to you that they haven’ t?
How patient posters are here…


I never said " I make my own country" please take care not to misquote others.


I did not “ask permission” from the government.

I followed the directive of the priest who was to marry my husband and myself (as he was directed by Canon Law) to obtain the documentation to ensure the sanctity of the sacrament.

I was obedient to him and got the paperwork. He then as per Canon Law, allowed my husband and I to administer the sacrament of Matrimony to each other.

Why is it so bothersome to you what others do with a marriage license? The church uses it as a tool to verify that a person can be validly married. Do you not drive because others drive drunk?


Ok your “friends” make their own country.


Where have you gotten that from anything I’ve said about them??? They have found a way to exist with less government control. That is not a bad thing for a country that espouses freedom.


I don’t care a bit if you do/did that. My friend only wants the option. Why is it so bothersome to you that we feel we shouldn’t have to have a marriage license?


Oops! You did it again! My friends have never said that either…


Because you want to drag a priest down into your sin.

That bothers us who understand the absolute depth of what you’re trying to do.

Your friend is accustomed to being fed a shovel full of lies. She cannot get married for “political” reasons. This is the crux of the issue. It has to do with politics and disobedience. It’s no wonder that she, and her family, will not follow the rules of the church. They hate the legal system so much that they can’t even obey the Church!


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: You’ve stated that they have separated from the US and made their land independent. What do you think that means?


Read your posts…
Please do not come and teach Americans freedom and order… They know it.


What sin??? This IS getting tiresome…


Breaking just laws. Fr. David already explained that at length 200 posts ago. It sure is tiresome that —you–excuse me-- your friend feels entitled to act outside the rules.


It obviously doesn’t mean what you think it means. They have only separated from the cooperation. Not the self evident truths and freedoms this country still gives to those who know how to grasp them. But that’s for another thread. This ones about whether or not the church should force Catholics to get permission from the state to receive the sacrament of matrimony.


Wow, is this still going on?

Hey OP, your friend should explain her political views to her Bishop since he’s the only person in her Diocese with the authority to authorize what she wants done.

If the Bishop doesn’t agree, then she needs to decide if her beliefs are more important to her than getting married in The Church.

It really is that simple.


I am not sure of the set up in America. In Australia there is no difference with regards to taxation whether married or not. Personally I believe our system is fairer and bypasses all of the problems that people have discussed here with regards to state marriage licences.

If what others have said is true over there then it seems the laws are an incentive for people not to get married. Perhaps the laws over there should be changed but of course that is up to Americans.


Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

That’s Sovereign State rhetoric, if I ever heard it.

Talk to your Bishop or get a marriage license.

I’m out.


Yes this is how I read your posts originally and I am very sympathetic with your cause.

I will just give a few caveats first:

(1) If there are tax considerations in a jurisdiction regarding state marriage licences then these have to be worked out first.
(2) If the church is on friendly terms with the government and works in a symbiotic fashion then there is no reason why this shouldn’t continue.
(3) The church should not be used against the state in a way that causes friction between the two or friction within faithful members of the church.

Now I agree with your views given all of the above caveats. I think we should look to distance ourselves from the secular state for our own good. Here in Australia there are many inside the church who are actively working to subsume Catholic identity within a secular identity and this is causing a tremendous catastrophe within the church with the vast majority of Catholics ending up walking away from their faith and community.

So to give a few examples, our Catholic University is filled with Militant Feminist atheists pretending to be Catholic. After a science degree in a secular University I attended this Catholic University to receive a teachers degree. This is where teachers who will teach in the Catholic education system go to learn how to teach. This sector is quite large here and teaches about a quarter of all students.

There are faculty professors here who basically try to discredit the church to prospective teachers. My particular militant feminist professor in Theology said many really unfair and derogatory things about the church. I even wrote a couple thousand word essay on the crazy things we were taught. So to give you one example for context we were told that Jesus probably had 12 women disciples as well but they were written out by the church fathers because they were all sexist and misogynistic. She even boasted in class that she and other professors knew how to get around the bishops ‘meddling’ and that they knew more than priests of the parish. After I graduated I spoke to someone connected to the dean of the university and I heard that she was replaced with two brothers rushed in to take her classes.

In my second Theology class, in the final assignment worth 40% we were asked to write an essay on why the syllabus of the Catholic education should be taken away from bishops and given to university professors. In a parallel class a friend of mine had the question of whether or not Jesus should be taken out of the Catholic religion syllabus because it separated students from those going to secular schools.

Once in the classroom my co-teacher (a diocese directive) and supervisor wanted to replace the Bible with the Harry Potter series because she thought it contained more ‘moral truth’ for the students. She prevented me from teaching religion to the students presumably because I was traditional. I had a talk to our parish priest and the next week I was allowed to teach religion before she pulled the plug again. Eventually I got to teach most of the last term in this subject but she was very anti church and she left the next year to become a religious co-ordinator at another school.

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