Catholics and muslims in Nigeria


John Allen at has an article on a peace movement of Catholics and muslims. He is certainly no conservative nor is ncr. But there are several telling points that are made:

  1. Whatever peace exists today is due to the fact that Christians began to use violence and that was an incentive to make peace.

  2. There was massive violence against Christians and the army could or would not help. They asked why they didn’t defend themselves.

  3. The Christians began to fight back and attacked wealthy muslim businesses. Interest in dialogue began to stir among Muslims very quickly.

  4. Christians were seen as defenseless by muslims and not taken seriously. Muslims agreed they would not have come to the table if Christians had not started fighting back blow for blow.

  5. Violence from the Christians was necessary to balance the scales and only when they finally reacted did the muslims discover a desire for dialogue.

Remember, these are lessons quoted in ncr of all places. Muslims do not respect us. But when we fight back they will finally engage in real dialogue. By not fighting back it only invites more contempt and violence on their part. We are not pacifists. We have the right to defend ourselves. Read the article.






i think i understand what you are saying, but i do not believe violence is justified… we should not expect to be protected by muslims, we should expect fellow Catholics to support their brothers and sisters in whatever way they can… with money, food or shelter out of Nigeria, or with political pressure.

it seems like the muslims speak in violence, it is not Christian to respond in violence… we did not do this when Romans fed us to lions so we should not do it now.

we do have a right to defend ourselves with force but there is so much more that could be done first, and when force is necessary there are rules for this… we must not hate our enemy, hurt innocent people and all of the other things Sts. Augustine and Aquinas commanded…

Dios te bendiga


If you read the article you will find they did try everything else first. But we do have the right to defend ourselves and in so doing that can force the enemy to the peace table. That’s what happened in Nigeria.

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