Catholics and politics

I am very confused reading this part of Catholic Answers.

I was converted from a fundamentalist church in 1974 and am in my 50s. This was way before RCIA and I was personally catechised by an individual preist.

Compared with my former southern fundamentalist church, and this was in the 70s after all I thought that Catholics were fairly liberal comparatively. I was also formed by reading the works of the Berrigans and the Maryknoll missioners, and I was comfortable in my fantasy of liberal Catholicism.

What opened my eyes was being a postulant in a community of religous in the mid-west.
I was reading the National Catholic Reporter while they were reading the National Catholic Register and the Wanderer.

Needless to say I was not allowed the become a novice, I really did not even know what was going on and that I would be voted on in chapter. I was very hurt by the experience and went hog wild for a time, tattoes. heavy drinking and drugs were my way of living until I repented and confessed.

But I still remain confused. I have always been anti-abortion, but that has not always been the be all, end all of politics as it has become. I have had a stroke and am disabled, and the only thing I agree with the very conservative Republicans is abortion it’s self.

I used to be a moderate Republican, but we seem to have gone out of existence, now I am independent.

The life issues are of prime importance.

OP, recall that in pre-Nazi Germany, abortion was legalized in 1920 (in the Leftist Weimar Republic). Then, that decade, there were the Hungerhäuser; next, in the late 30’s, the massive euthanasia of invalids, mentally retarded, insane and elderly; finally, the Shoah. A society that enshrines the right to slaughter foetuses is headed for the same ghastly practices as during those execrable 12 years.

I think there are a lot of Catholics who go too far on the liberal side of US politics. It’s such a shame.

But then again, it seems like there are a lot of Catholics who go too far on the conservative side of US politics.

I don’t think that US conservatism has all the answers, but I don’t even trust the US liberals’ apparent espousal of *some *Catholic social justice principles, and the evils they espouse are, imo, worse than the evils US conservatives espouse. So even tho I don’t see the supposedly conservative politicians here doing what I would like to see them doing, and they are not avoiding what I would like to see them avoiding, I still think they are better to vote for than the liberals… until a better political party shows up!


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